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Syria's Seven-Year War - From Peaceful Protest to a Proxy War for International Powers

The war in Syria is in its seventh-year now - a prolonged period of slaughter and suffering of Syria's children and people. The conflict has claimed some 500,000 lives, including 20,000 children. A pre-war Syrian population of 22 million has dwindled as five-million war victims have become displaced externally and another six-million internally. Yet, the gross failing of humanity continues in the Levant.

What started in 2011 as peaceful protest by the people against the tyrant Bashar al Assad, quickly morphed into a civil war as Assad's forces launched brutal attacks upon peaceful civil society. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed and millions have become displaced because of the conflict, which has, in 2018, become a proxy war for international powers, dictated by Russia.

Assad's deadly and often chemical-agent attacks upon the people of Syria, have been executed to keep him in the seat of power in Damascus. His chief ally, Russia, has been adamant in keeping Assad in power in spite of his explicit crimes against humanity. With Assad's reign, Vladimir Putin is assured of keeping Russia's sole naval installation facility on the Mediterranean Sea, at Tartus, Syria. Russian forces have carried out deadly attacks in Syria.

Iran, which also continues to prop up Assad, appears to be embroiled in the Syrian conflict in a determinant of regional influence over Saudi Arabia, which has prolonged another regional conflict, in Yemen, which continues to wrought suffering upon many Yemenis, including thousands of children.

Israel and Turkey have also joined the conflict in Syria, with Israel said to be protecting its interest via bombings in southern Syria, while Turkey battles Kurdish rebels in north Syria.

Syrian Democratic forces, backed by the United States (US), and one of many opposition groups battling Assad's regime, have been largely unsuccessful in all attempts to remove Assad from power. And from the looks of it, removing Assad from power appears to be a forgotten objective in the Syrian conflict. But justice must someday be served for all the innocent lives lost in Syria and Assad must stand trial for crimes against humanity.

Until then, the reality remains: what started as peaceful protest by the Syrian people to remove the hereditary dictator Bashar al Assad from power, has turned into a civil war, which has become a proxy war for international powers, with no end in sight. 

Thus, more doom, death and suffering of the past seven-years could be expected to continue in Syria until this gross failing of humanity, which is the Syrian war, is ended once and for all times.