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Regarding China and Xi Jinping

If the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) and its people support a constitutional change to allow President Xi Jinping to extend his rule beyond 2023, then the decision is worthy of international acceptance and not of unwarranted criticisms that have surfaced since the notion was first revealed earlier this week.

Not that China craves international support of its national issues that are designed to enhance and to further develop the thriving nation, but China's recent world involvement, leadership and international partnership, has demonstrated a rational economic and peaceful characteristic, deserving of continuity. China's development projects in third world nations that have been neglected and forgotten by their former colonial powers, are unprecedented. 

Recent infrastructural, trade, cultural and agricultural projects China has partnered with nations from Asia to Africa and Latin America, have clearly identified China's rising global influence, especially in a time of widening United States (US) isolation under President Donald Trump. So why would China not want to continue this rise with the continuity offered under a possible extension of Xi's tenure as president?

Two years ago, I would not have uttered these comments under the Presidency of Barack Obama, but the reality of the times, of maturity, of the truth of the current world order and of a present persistent betrayal of the tenets and promises of democracy to those seeking opportunity through immigration and residency, have accorded me the wisdom to see matters more clearly.

Moreover, I offer these thoughts not because my wife is of Chinese descent, but because of China's peaceful ascent and global partnerships, especially with third world nations that appear to offer greater returns to invested nations that anything left by their former colonial masters.

Therefore, if on Monday, the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), meeting in Beijing, decides to extend the rule of Xi, who turns 65 in June, then it should be accepted because the Chinese people have willed it, which could bring greater development to many more lands in need, but currently neglected.