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Putin's Star Wars Offensive Imagination - An Ensuing Arms Race

Russian President Vladimir Putin tickled the patriotism of fellow Russians on Thursday in a speech he delivered less than three weeks before his scheduled and expected re-election, claiming "invincible" nuclear missile, drone and submarine capabilities that would thwart western defense systems. 

He later reclaimed the said capabilities in an interview with NBC-News' Megyn Kelly. "As a matter of fact, every single weapons system discussed today easily surpasses and avoids an anti-missile defense system," Putin alleged.

Putin described the nuclear missiles as "invincible" and able to navigate with an "unlimited" range and that some of them are battle-ready after being successfully tested.

While Putin possess a large and far-reaching nuclear missile arsenal and a stealthy submarine program, his claims of invisibility can be construed as a bluff - a bluff borrowed from the play book of President Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), announced back in 1983 that added financial woes to the USSR in an arms race which contributed to the Soviet Union's eventual break up. 

With the claimed Russian offensive system in contrast to a defensive one, maybe Putin is hoping to inflict woe and disarray in the west as his nation experienced in the aftermath of Reagan's SDI. But the entire strategy could backfire upon Putin bringing greater financial troubles to Russians.

More than likely, Putin's nuclear claims will set off a fresh arms race that will witness even larger military budgets across the globe under a constant threat of nuclear war.