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March 2018

Blood over Land in Gaza - Palestinians Die at Protest

Palestinians are observing a day of mourning today following yesterday's killing of at least 17 by Israeli forces as Palestinians protested for a return to lands lost to Israel at its founding in 1948.

Another 1,400 Palestinians were injured during the "Great March of Return" near the Gaza border with Israel. The protest is expected to last six-weeks. 

More than 30,000 Palestinians participated in yesterday's march, which according to BBC-News reports, is aimed to assert what Palestinians regard as their right to return to towns and villages from which their families fled, or were driven out, when the state of Israel was founded in 1948.

In Honor of a Fallen French Hero - Full Condemnation and Rejection of Terrorism

As France honors a fallen gendarmerie who sacrificed his life so that hostages may live last Friday during a terror event at a supermarket in the south of France, that nation, the world and especially all immigrants and their sons and daughters, must renew a call for full condemnation and rejection of terrorism.

Terror remains an evil that threatens the sustainment of peace, security, stability and the good-naturedness of humanity's hospitality.

French Gendarmerie Nationale Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, 44, was savagely shot and stabbed by terrorist Radouane Lakdim, 25, after Beltrame gave up himself in exchange for a female hostage, during Lakdim's siege of a supermarket in Trebes, last Friday, March 23.

The World Tomorrow

Optimistically, that there is yet life left on Planet Earth clearly offers hope of a world tomorrow - a world populated by young people with limitless dreams, broad ambitions and a ravenous passion for life and for survival on an ailing planet besieged by the negative impacts of man-made systems.

Realistically, angry-aging-dying men, war, suffering, violence, hunger, inequality, political meddling, the existence of nuclear weapons, autocrats, the erosion of human rights, the suppression of manifested destinies and a fragile environment, all warn of a looming doom in the absence of concerted efforts to save humanity.

A German Arrest with Ramifications upon Present and Future Separatist Actions in Europe

[The following represents my unbiased analysis of events having full knowledge that what is expressed here, will upset some of my European associates. Yet, I write for my pen knows only the allegiances of justice, freedom, equality, humanity and logic.]

Germany authorities on Sunday, acting on a re-issued European warrant by Spain, arrested Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, as he transited through northern Germany from Denmark after he leaving Finland on Friday, where he conferenced and lectured.

A Youth Movement has Started to Redirect America's Current Political Trajectory

The March for Our Lives protest rally yesterday for stricter gun control laws that witnessed 800,000 youth and their relatives descend upon Pennsylvania Avenue NW, in Washington, DC,  and tens of thousands of other youth in another 800 locations across the United States (US) and around the globe, including Parkland and Miami; Florida, New York City, New York; Hartford, Connecticut; Boston, Massachusetts; San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; London, United Kingdom (UK) and Paris, France among other places, has affirmed the establishment of a youth movement in the US that could alter the current  trajectory of the American Republic.

March for Our Lives

Later this morning, my family and I will join hundreds of thousands of America's school-children, on the National Mall, here in Washington, DC, for the "March for Our Lives" event demanding action on gun control by lawmakers in the wake of far too many school shootings across the nation.

From the state of Colorado to Connecticut and other states in between and recently in the state of Florida, gun violence -  with innocent children as victims, has claimed too many lives in the United States (US).

China Strikes Back at Trump's First-Shot Trade War

China has signaled it would impose tariffs on $3billion United States (US) imports should both sides fail to resolve a trade dispute first-fired by Donald Trump's imposition of new tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum products, and further compounded yesterday, with Washington's announced intent to impose another $60 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. 

World financial markets have reacted and are reacting negatively to a likely trade war involving the world's two largest economies: the US Dow and S&P indices dropped three-percent each yesterday, the Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan markets falling two-percent, with Japan's falling five-percent and Shanghai's three-percent also today.

The Pervasion of Plastics - a Widening Hazard to Marine Environment

A report for the government of the United Kingdom (UK) just identified the pervasion of plastics in the oceans as tripling by 2025 and posing a widening hazard to marine life and the natural environment as whole. 

Titled the "Foresight Future of the Sea", the report by the Office for Science released on Wednesday, declared that the oceans have seen "unprecedented change as a result of direct human activity and climate change".  It identified the rise of plastics in the oceans along with rising temperatures and sea levels and chemical pollution as some of the biggest problems the marine environment faces.

The European Union (EU) - a Stabilizing Entity in a Twirling World

In spite of ripples in Hungary, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and recently Italy, along with the forthcoming exit of the United Kingdom (UK), the 28-member European Union (EU) stands as a solid political and economic entity in a twirling agitated world.

Fortified within the security of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the EU offers western comfort to the continuity of democracy and to the political and economic stability and leadership of the world amid a growing policy of isolation by the Donald Trump administration in the United States (US).

A Return to Rational Thought - a Return to Civility

Humanity's beauty, compassion and sense of loving-responsibleness is deteriorating in many places. To recapture humanity's passion, glory, creativity and empathy, there must be a return to rational thought - a return to civility.

War is not a pleasing civil event; neither is the deliberate break up of families through inhumane deportations of loyal immigrants; neither is the blatant disregard of environmental protections; neither is the unwarranted refusal to host refugees; neither is the selfish push back against common sense gun control laws.