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Syria's Predicament - Humanity's Failing

Since starting this Blog five-years-ago, I've struggled to understand the rationale behind the world's hesitance and ineffectiveness to stop the slaughter of so many innocents in Syria, especially the deaths of thousands of children. 

During the time, I've written a number of posts begging and praying for the amelioration of the condition of the Syrian people. I've called for the charging of Bashar al Assad for crimes against humanity. I've even written a number of 'Notes to Syria's Children' suggesting they have faith that their deliverance would soon come and urging them to rely upon the development of democracy and its institutions as a means to reclaiming their land, their childhoods and their futures.

But Syria's war continues with renewed violence, death and seeming perpetual suffering. It will enter its seventh-year in March of this year, yet, no relief or any end, appear in sight. 

Dire conditions during the execution of the conflict have forced Syrians to slaughter mules for food and resort to eating grass sprouting between the cracks in concrete sidewalks. Such inhumane conditions have gotten worse. 

Today, some parents in areas under siege by Assad's forces, have been relegated to life in basements without food and medicines, under heavy bombardment by the Russian backed-Syrian army, and with no more hope in humanity - they wait, expecting their starved children to die because "at least in heaven there's food". Other Syrians as reported by CNN, have adopted similar hopeless feelings expressed as: "If you're going to kill us, make it quick - we are sick of waiting on death row."

Such is the gross failing of humanity to render relief to the Syrian people. That in spite of a United Nations (UN) resolution demanding a ceasefire in the conflict and a Russian dictated daily seven-hour lull, supposedly for humanitarian causes, the Syrian people remain under death's hell in the Levant, February 27, 2018. Why?

Is it because most Syrians are of the Muslim faith? Is it because of some conspired population control agenda? Is it because of some geopolitical game orchestrated by powers larger than the Syrian people? Is it because of a desperate failed government mad over its own inevitable death, thus calling upon its authoritarian ally-master to stoke greater destruction upon its opposition before its own time fizzles out?

I have not the answers, but this much I do know for certain: Syria's predicament is humanity's failing. And future peoples, who aspire to change their flawed or failing governments, will take a much less passive approach than Syrians have to gaining their full rights as members of the human race, to liberty, to happiness and to the rule of law.