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Unity of the Koreas - a Supportive Action Whether Sincere or a Ploy

I am certainly not Korean, neither is my wife - she is Chinese and both of us have never visited either of the Koreas. Yet, last night, watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics 2018, from Pyeonchang, South Korea, aired on NBC Network, we were emotionally brought to tears on seeing both Koreas march together under one unified flag - white with an a blue-insignia of the Korean peninsula. 

"In spite of everything, this is good," my wife remarked under a crackling voice as she fought to restrain her tears unaware of my watery eyes sitting next to her in our dimly lit bedroom. The defeat of my chauvinism was revealed as I faced her to concur in a parched-throat tone: "Just beautiful, the people, the brothers, the sisters -  given a chance, they can get along."

We hoped the world witnessed and felt the same emotions as we did because peace and unity appear to beam amongst people given the opportunity to mingle and to communicate. 

And while some people might retain a pessimistic and suspicious intent per North Korea's actions as a mere political ploy, I, nonetheless, venture to say that if a ploy, or indeed sincere, the significance and impact of witnessing the Koreas together, if only for that one moment, affirms the possibility of sustaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. 

Moreover, I offer it as a speculation that given a chance to hash out their differences and issues among themselves, then it is possible that Korean similarities and mutual intent to life and happiness, could defeat all their imported and idealistic differences.

So, today, I am glad that both South Korea and North Korea reunified briefly under the Olympic spirit and I hope that that witnessed togetherness of yesterday would transcend the games -  to provide a cooling of tensions on the Korean peninsula, with a view to providing greater cooperation, communication, respect and stability to starkly different nations that share a common relation of family.