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Letter to All Children Victimized and Displaced by Conflicts

Dear Children, 

I offer you my prayers that the Almighty God may show you mercy and grant you relief from your suffering. I offer my sincere apologies for the fact that humanity has remained impotent in allowing these long episodes of violence and atrocities upon you. 

That you have had to endure what no normal seasoned-adult would ever have to endure - far less a child, underscores the damning testament of the severe gravity of the sum of your experiences and your victimizations brought to wrought through conflict and war. 

Specifically, I wish to highlight you, the children of Syria, of Yemen, of Afghanistan and of the Rohingya people. Your plight represents a gross failing of humanity against a backdrop of wealthy and authoritarian leaders perpetrating a larger arms race, bragging about the size of their weapons and ghastly seeking showcases to display more of their arsenals. 

In the meantime, bombs and chlorine gas continue to rain upon many of you, killing and maiming as your displaced and fleeing peers die upon the seas in a fruitless search for solace, while others, who have fled, meet more suffering in refugee camps as nations debate whether or not to extend full hospitality to the hundreds of thousands in need of humanitarian assistance.

I encourage you to keep the faith that these man-made atrocities against you will end one day. Your right to a childhood must be restored. Thus, I implore upon you to insist that your fathers and your uncles fight for freedom, opportunity and the rule of law in your homelands. 

Many things have changed and are rapidly changing in the outside world. Once guaranteed places of sanctuary are now fast becoming no-entry nations. Therefore, your land, being your land, must be claimed by your parents and relatives. Your adult folks must stand up and claim your birthright to freedom, equality, opportunity and the rule of law on your behalf. They must unify to accomplish this feat toward your deliverance from suffering.

I continue to stand with you in your endeavor for comfort and happiness. Amen!