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February 2018

Syria's Predicament - Humanity's Failing

Since starting this Blog five-years-ago, I've struggled to understand the rationale behind the world's hesitance and ineffectiveness to stop the slaughter of so many innocents in Syria, especially the deaths of thousands of children. 

During the time, I've written a number of posts begging and praying for the amelioration of the condition of the Syrian people. I've called for the charging of Bashar al Assad for crimes against humanity. I've even written a number of 'Notes to Syria's Children' suggesting they have faith that their deliverance would soon come and urging them to rely upon the development of democracy and its institutions as a means to reclaiming their land, their childhoods and their futures.

Lacking Enforcement Powers - the UN is Limited to Effecting Peace

On Saturday, the United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC) passed a resolution demanding a 30-day lull  "without delay" in the Syrian conflict. By Sunday, Bashar al Assad's forces had killed another 22 civilians in Eastern Ghouta and another nine by this morning, in spite of the UN resolution.

The Syrian government's blatant disregard, with Russian support, of international law and of UN resolutions, clearly underscores the ineffectiveness of the international body to bring about peace because it lacks enforcement powers.

Pass the Resolution - Render a Truce - End the Killing of Syrian Children

The United Nations (UN) Security Council (SC) will attempt, again today, to finally pass a resolution to affect a truce across Syria in order to stop the current carnage around Eastern Ghouta and to allow for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the the 5.6 million people in acute need in 1,244 communities.

Delays to the passing of the Resolution since Thursday have come from Russia, insisting on certain inclusions on the measure, which was put forward by Kuwait and Sweden calling for a 30-day nationwide ceasefire to hostilities, amid a children and civilian death attack by Bashar Assad's forces on the rebel-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta, home to some 400,000 people, nine-miles east of the capital, Damascus.

Any and All Forms of State-Sponsored Violence on Children are Crimes against Humanity

Today, I had intended to solely address the growing devastating air strikes and barrel bombs by the Bashar al Assad regime upon Eastern Ghouta, Syria, that has killed 400 people, including many children, in the past five-days. But the current affair of the prevalence of guns wrecking destruction and anxiety upon America's young people, commands an immediate thought.

Whereas the President of the United States (US) and others of the gun lobby could have the audacity to consider arming teachers as a means to combating gun violence at schools, clearly underscores the deep problem the Republic faces with regards to the ease and availability of guns, thus more guns to solve too many guns is an utter preposterous idea that any modern democracy would ever want to consider.

Hoping to Return Soon

I had dental surgery yesterday and the resulting pain and impact of drugs on my system, make it difficult to concentrate on writing My Blog. 

Hence, I will take a brief break - hoping to return very soon. Thanks for reading and a good day to all.

More Deaths Recorded in the Seemingly Perpetual Suffering of Syria's Children

Syrian government forces of Bashar al Assad continue to bombard the sieged enclave of Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, where yesterday, another 20-children died in a group of 100 people from an escalation of the war. This recent onslaught horrifies the seemingly perpetual suffering of Syria's children as the conflict approaches its seventh-year, next month, with no end in sight.

Hence more children will die and will continue to suffer as the international community remains impotent to ending the ongoing blemish to humanity and modern civility.

The Inherent Right of all Children to a Safe Childhood

Whether in Syria, in Yemen, in Palestine, in Central African Republic, or in Newtown, Connecticut or in Parkland, Florida, or in any place where children live, they have an inherent right to a safe childhood.

To safeguard, to protect and to ensure the inherent right of all children to safety, all impediments to achieving this right should be removed. As conflict and war should end to accord childhoods back to the children of Yemen, of Syria and of many other places, in the United States (US), guns - the ease of access and availability thereof, pose the greatest threat to the inherent right of American children to life and liberty.

A "March for Our Lives" - Survivors of Gun Violence to March for Action on Washington

"...and a child shall lead them." 

That youth is the vanguard of change in society could result in finally getting United States (US) lawmakers and the president to enact demand changes to gun control laws.

The youth survivors of last Wednesday's massacre of 17 students and teachers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida, has announced a "March for Our Lives" event in Washington, DC, for March 24, to demand political action on gun control. The young survivors are adamant in their determination to make last Wednesday's mass shooting of their peers a turning point in the national gun debate.

Rising Gun Violence - Evidence of a Flawed Democracy

The full democracy status that the United States (US) has maintained and advocated for generations is under attack from various sources, including rising gun violence. 

This week's shooting massacre - killing 17,  at a high school in the state of Florida, underscores the descent American democracy is undergoing with no on-the-horizon solution to ending the prevalence of gun violence and associated deaths in the US. In lieu of Congressional action to reign in the easy access and availability to guns, including assault weapons, there's a real fear of the Republic declining even farther.

Another Mass Shooting Demands More Responsible Gun Laws in America

Following Wednesday's mass shooting at a high school in the state of Florida, in the United States (US), Congressional Republicans and the White House should now yield to the demands of grieving parents and peers of the massacred children and enact legislation aimed to reducing the ease of availability of guns.

More responsible gun laws have long been the plea and rallying call of many Americans ever since two two students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, gunned down 12 of their classmates and a teacher at Columbine High School, Columbine, Colorado, on April 20, 1999.