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A Vulgar Reference of Black Nations from the US Oval Office - a Wake-up Call to Action

United States (US) President Donald Trump referred to Black nations - Haiti and African states,  as "shithole countries" yesterday in a meeting with lawmakers on immigration in the Oval Office, at the White House, Washington, DC. His reported derogatory comment has ignited a firestorm of criticism. Trump denied the comment in a Tweet earlier this morning.

Trump must be condemned for his blatant comment and it should be made clear that Trump's view does not echo the character of the American Republic and most of its people. Trump has lived void of the reality of normalcy and his lack of tack or respect of others underscores his disconnect of any empathy.

However, his vulgar reference of Black nations as "shithole countries" should serve as a wake-up call to Black nations - their governments and more specifically and explicitly, their people, that the historical relationship, trust and respect they once shared with the US, has now been voided by Trump.

Therefore, these nations must now better relations with each other and with others, who accord them due respect and understanding. The people must now take control of their destinies and in particular, control of their natural resources with a view to using them to better themselves and not for the enrichment of any corrupt leaders and foreign corporations. Imagine an Africa in total control of its resources - the diamonds, the gold, the copper, the oil and the much sought after rare and other minerals.

Trump's vulgarity is a wake-up call to the people - a call to unity, and a call to better use of their resources for themselves and not for the micro enrichment of companies so as to ensure their coming off the dole of alms from other nations and to avoid being placed in positions to be so rudely disrespected by Donald Trump.