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The Root of Social Uprisings in 2018

The civil protests, demonstrations and social uprisings of 2018, already being played out in Iran that are also likely in many other countries, are rooted not in overnight circumstances, but in deep social divisions enraged through divisiveness, in the erosion of human rights and in bad governance and economic policies that threatened to widen the divide between the 'haves and the have nots'.

Moreover, the youth of the world who feel shutout from the means to social mobility and economic prosperity whether or not because of conflict or restricted governance lacking a mode to redress of grievances, will continue to strike out at their governments with a view to changing the present affairs of their respective states for more inclusiveness.

That so many youthful Iranians would risk death, injury and possible imprisonment to protest against policies by a strict Islamic government in their country, clearly underscores the acuteness of the problems many youth find with their governance. Thus, civil disobedience could become wide spread as 2018 progresses.

However, governments have an opportunity to advert such possible uprisings by redeveloping economic and social policies to benefit the people - the youth, the young and the old, and not just the rich via trickle down economics. Such fiscal polices characteristic of a bygone era, are not fitting to modern times and new attempts to reinstall them, which would shoulder the world's youth with the debt of such policies in the long run, will continue to be met by protests, demonstrations and uprisings.