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The World in 2018 - the United States of America(USA)

The diminishing international sphere of influence of the United States(US) that started with the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency, will continue in 2018.

Our beloved Republic that has long stood on the principles of democracy, life, liberty, equality and the rule of law from the times of the Pilgrims, to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Obama, will descend further into isolation under Donald Trump in 2018.

That glowing beacon of hope that once shone brightly over the US toward religious and civil freedoms, will be dimmed in 2018 as Trump continues to close the door to opportunity to many people, who once looked to this Republic, as an assured pillar of hope and of comfort.

The expressed intent of the Trump administration not to endorse the Paris Agreement on Climate Change underscores the isolationist path the current White House will direct the US in 2018. The stated objection to the Iran Nuclear deal affirms America's isolation well into 2018. Also the unitary declaration by Trump to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, thus bucking international consensus on a two-state solution to peace with Palestine, further affirms the isolationist road Trump has adopted for the Republic. 

Domestically, a new tax code signed into law by Trump will increase the wealth gap between 'the haves the have-nots' in 2018 and beyond. Wall Street's record breaking gains, borne out of rational fiscal policy during the Obama Presidency, will begin to wane in 2018. Divisive rhetoric stoked by the new administration will incite civil demonstrations and protests in 2018. The health and economic condition of America's poor will also become more acute in 2018.

However, that the Republic stands loftier than any individual or administration, the American people will seek to curb the policies of Trump by backing many Democratic Party candidates for Congress in 2018. 

While the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential Election might not yield an impeachment of Trump in 2018, the resolve of the American people to a stable and cohesive community, could result in major restraints being placed on Trump in 2018.

Therefore, in 2018, the US Republic and its people will find the ways and means to reset a path toward global respect and international cooperation, even if it takes until 2020.