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The World in 2018 - Europe

Europe will enter and continue into 2018 enjoying economic gains under the umbrella of the powerhouse European Union(EU) and moderate stability under the security of NATO. Economic achievements, the driving force of Europe's recent resurgence, will continue across the continent.

Meddling from Russia into European affairs will continue from Estonia to Lithuania to Latvia and all the way to the English Channel. Ukraine will bear the brunt of Russian meddling in an attempt to derail the aspirations of Ukrainians to more European values. Norway, Sweden and Finland could also fall victim to Russian meddling in 2018.

In spite of strong economic gains and social stability in 2018, some European inherent flaws that have evolved in at least one past colonial nation, Spain, which emerged in 2017, will resurface in 2018. 

The expressed democratic aspiration of the people of Catalonia to sovereignty, only to have their non-violent declaration whisked away by former colonial power flexing its power over one of its autonomous regions, is an omen of things to come in Europe. That Spain elected to jail and to prosecute the leaders of Catalonia for conducting a democratic process: to wit - a referendum, remains counter productive to democracy in some European states and a bad example by an alleged democratic nation penalizing the people for adhering to a non-violent democratic political process. Spain's action within Catalonia has set the tone for future movements for sovereignty among the independence seeking people of Europe.

The United Kingdom(UK) will continue its process to exiting the EU in 2018 but with much reservation from many Brits hoping for a re-do of the referendum that sent the UK down the path to leaving the powerful union.

France will continue to prosper in 2018 as it remains a beacon to many of world's down trodden and to refugees. Yet, France will face some extremist actions as it has over recent years. However, the French in 2018, will reaffirm their resolve to peace and stability and will be rewarded by defeating terror and extremism.

Immigration issues will figure highly in 2018 from Germany, to the Netherlands, to Greece, to Italy, to Hungary and throughout the continent. Germany's lead, acceptance, management and moderation of immigration should serve as a model to other nations. Chancellor Angela Merkel's efforts to extend German humanitarian help to thousands of refugees, despite right-wing opposition, will continue to be exemplary in 2018. But Hungary's stance on immigration will continue run counter to the spirit of the EU in 2018.

Italy will share a large burden of refugee hosting in 2018 and that could impact its forthcoming elections. Economic gains will continue to bless the shores of Ireland in 2018 as financial wealth and benefits flow into Luxembourg

Political developments in Poland that continue to undermine the judiciary there hold serious implications per Poland's membership within the EU in 2018. 

Brussels, Belgium, headquarters for the EU, will have some tough decisions to make in 2018 per some members involving Poland and Hungary in 2018.