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America's Looming Wider Inequality - Not to be a Serene Event

The United Nations(UN) summary report on poverty in the United States(US) confirms the undermining of human rights and democracy. 

Therefore, the findings should amount to more than a wake-up call to authorities to re-establish the fulfillment of the tenets upon which the Republic of freedom and of opportunity was founded.

Clearly established in the report presented in Washington, DC, last Friday, by the UN's Special Rapporteur on Poverty and Human Rights, Philip Alston, was the caution that prevalent poverty and implemented and coming policies by the Trump administration, will lead to wider inequality facilitating the undermining of human rights and democracy. 

Cuts to social programs and safety nets to America's 40-million poor compounded by a proposed new tax policy that will benefit the super rich, will not alleviate the conditions of Americans living in poverty.

Any comfort and greater wealth extended to the wealthy in this new era would be hard to enjoy in an atmosphere non serenity. The passive plantation-poor that once stood impotent as the plantocracy enjoyed great privilege at their expense, is dead. New generations cannot be expected to yield submission to a new gentry of corporate raiders and wealthy individuals. 

In other words, passivity is dead. Active protesting generations live. That the poor would continue to go hungry and to die aimlessly on skid row awaiting trickle down handouts from the wealthy living in luxury, is preposterous. 

So, why some of the wealthy celebrate their coming expanding riches, keeping their spoils will not be a serene feat. The poor's demand to eat will also not be serene. 

But government has an opportunity now to retain serenity and to re-establish the promises and opportunities of America - life, liberty and property to all. Safety nets to the poor must not be diminished over advances to the super rich.