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My Blog

On Sexual Harassment

The present spate of sexual harassment revelations rocking the United States(US) and other places might appear as a new phenomenon , but it is not. For many years it has flourished under closed lips and shuttered mouths in a white-male dominated business world. 

The uniqueness of these revelations however, is borne in the new welcomed audacity many victims have finally mustered in order to come forward with their complaints. It is remarkable that victims now feel empowered to seek justice and an end to the power-exacting traits of many perpetrators. 

From the glitter of Hollywood, to the opinion forming newsrooms of the media, to the cubicles of industry, and even to the presidency of the US, claims of impropriety against girls, women, boys and some men, hold many truths indicative of the exercise of power upon the vulnerable. All claims must be given fair and just consideration. 

However, it is worth noting that some alleged adult victims, who for a number of years remained silent on sexual harassment, just like their harassers, should shoulder some blame for allowing the awful practice to continue, thus facilitating the sexual harassment of other victims after their own incidents. 

While some adult victims might allude to career-harm as a reason for the long period of silence, no career is worthy enough to suffice sustaining a predatory practice to claim more victims. Moreover, no man could ever be excused of submitting victims to sexual harassment.

Explicitly though, the man's world, culture and continued dominance of work places, are guilty of harboring the degenerative practice of sexual harassment. Reforms are necessary. 

To all the victims, I am deeply sorry that you've suffered and I stand by you in your endeavors for justice and to put an end to the sick practice of sexual harassment that has no place in any society.