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December 2017

Toward the Rise of the People in 2018 - to Safeguard Human Rights

The persecution of humans, civil displacement, minority statelessness and the number of victims of conflicts along with the erosion of basic human rights accompanied with stoked divisiveness, were all prevalent and on the increase in 2017, as the stage became set for a larger divide between the 'haves and the have-nots'. These agitations have been set against a backdrop of a pressured environment strained by the effects of mankind.

Therefore, in 2018, the peoples of Planet Earth must rise up to end all practices that threaten the serenity and peace of humankind's continuity on Earth.

The World in 2018 - the United States of America(USA)

The diminishing international sphere of influence of the United States(US) that started with the ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency, will continue in 2018.

Our beloved Republic that has long stood on the principles of democracy, life, liberty, equality and the rule of law from the times of the Pilgrims, to Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Obama, will descend further into isolation under Donald Trump in 2018.

That glowing beacon of hope that once shone brightly over the US toward religious and civil freedoms, will be dimmed in 2018 as Trump continues to close the door to opportunity to many people, who once looked to this Republic, as an assured pillar of hope and of comfort.

The World in 2018 - Europe

Europe will enter and continue into 2018 enjoying economic gains under the umbrella of the powerhouse European Union(EU) and moderate stability under the security of NATO. Economic achievements, the driving force of Europe's recent resurgence, will continue across the continent.

Meddling fromRussiainto European affairs will continue fromEstoniatoLithuaniatoLatviaand all the way to the English Channel.Ukrainewill bear the brunt of Russian meddling in an attempt to derail the aspirations of Ukrainians to more European values.

The World in 2018 - Asia

Asia will become even more synonymous with China in 2018.Chinahas driven much of all development in Asia over the past decade and the land of Chairman Mao Zedong, is poised to continue this course into 2018 as it expands its global sphere of influence from Asia, to Africa,Australia,New Zealandand the Americas. China's accumulated economic power coupled with a modernizing and large army, puts it at the center of all things Asian and global in 2018.

Moreover, China's continuing rise in 2018 will be facilitated via the faltering isolation of the United States(US) under Donald Trump.

The World in 2018 - the Middle East

To end conflicts inYemen and Syria, to abolish slavery inLibya, to diffuse an agitation based upon the Trump administration's unitary declaration on Jerusalem, to complete the two-state solution to peace overIsrael and Palestine, to promote region cohesiveness and to counter terrorism and extremism, will be the major themes in the Middle East in 2018.

Unlike previous years when rumors, threats and outbreaks of war figured highly, 2018 could see a defensive Middle East in spite of current Saudi and coalition operations in Yemen, the need-to-end conflict in Syria and the agitation stirred-up by Donald Trump's unitary declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, hereby undermining an established international community process to peace and stability in the region.

The World in 2018 - Central and South America

Central and South America will enter 2018 on a peaceful path primarily, but with some potential to conflict and political dissent across many borders. Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Costa Rica hold the best likelihood to peace and stability, while Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela could descend into political upheaval.


Colombia will enter 2018 at peace with FARC and other rebel groups in the South American nation of lush vegetation and beautiful people which should auger well as a model for stability, security and progress to other states in Latin America.

Wishes of Peace

Merry Christmas to all!

At this time each and every year, men speak of peace and goodwill to all - often assumed beautiful sentiments, which are nonetheless, easily retracted to the apathy of selfishness and greed by the New Year, if not sooner. 

Thus, under such conditions, war, conflict and suffering are prolonged and carried on from one year, unto another year and then into yet another year, hereby establishing perpetual strife among the human race. 

But I must have the audacity to wish and to hope that it is within the scope of humankind to love, to care and to respect each other and our environment.

A Prayer for the Children of Conflicts, the Homeless, the Displaced, the Stateless

Almighty God, I acknowledge that through you, all things are possible. In my humble acceptance of your power and your will, I bow before you on this day, Christmas Eve, 2017, to ask forgiveness for all humanity's transgressions.

Holy Father, I beg for your deliverance from war, conflict and suffering of all children. Among these children, most Holy Father, are the children of Syria and of Yemen.

I beg for the comfort of the Rohingya people and all refugees rendered stateless and displaced via conflict or persecution. I beseech thee, Dear God, to end the suffering of all victims of circumstance. Of these things I pray, in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen!

The World in 2018 - the Caribbean

The offering of luxurious, serene, and hibiscus-flowered resorts complemented by pristine white-sand beaches, calm turquoise waters and friendly people, has always been the lure of the Caribbean to visitors, whose dollars and euros are greatly depended-upon to support the economic health of the region. Such offerings and demands will continue in 2018.

Yet, local economic pressures will figure highly in the region of my birth in 2018. High debts compounded by the wrecking high economic costs and social toll of natural disasters - Hurricanes Irma and Maria, will present financial troubles to some of the islands in the Caribbean.

The World in 2018 - Canada amd Mexico

Canada and Mexico - the two countries, one to the north, the other to the south that sandwich the United States(US), will both enter 2018 in a special position as likely sanctuary locations to any Americans disheartened by the Trump administration in Washington, DC. 

Canada will remain the first-nation of choice for many people in 2018 and it has already accepted and will continue to accept refugees who believe their claims for domicile would be rejected under new policies of the Trump administration.