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Lost Idealism and Drunkenness of Power - the Downfall of once Promising Revolutionaries

The events, still unfolding in the African nation of Zimbabwe signaling the end of 37-years of rule by Robert Mugabe, are not new. 

Over and over again, such events have played out on the global arena as once trusted revolutionaries from Cuba to Libya to Iraq to Zambia to Egypt and other places, become intoxicated with the strength of power that the vision they once had toward social cohesiveness and nation-building and development, become marred in corruption, social decay and economic ruin.

From Africa to the Americas to Asia and to Europe, the people of many lands desiring better lives and greater freedoms, have often placed much trust in the hands of idealists hoping that their preachings would materialize into actual stability, security, comfort and happiness in their communities.

Many times the ideals are successful in the short run. However, as former revolutionaries and visionaries become more intoxicated with the wielding and the holding of power, such drunkenness leads to authoritarianism. Then, most of any advances achieved, are quickly reversed.

Such has been the predicament of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe. A revolutionary and a war hero, Mugabe secured his nation's independence from Great Britain in 1980, ending a long and volatile history of white-minority rule in the former Rhodesia. Mugabe's tenure as Prime Minister lasted from 1980 to 1987, when he became President, a position he held up until Wednesday at the over-the-hill age, of 93. 

His quips and his symbolisms for a strong Africa for Africans free of colonial control will outlive his body and his fall from power. "Africa must revert to what it was before the imperialists divided it..." Mugabe has said, "The struggle hasn't ended. It's only just begun in our view..." he added: "The only white man you can trust is a dead white man." And there are many more he has coined that will always remain popular in and out of Africa.

Yet, Mugabe's sad stagnation and his ouster from power were brought on by a number of factors including his desire to retain power at a very old-age and his attempt to pass power to his former typist South African-born wife,  thus attempting to bypass those revolutionaries, who fought alongside him for many years.

Therefore, it could easily be deducted that Mugabe's lost idealism and his drunkenness for continued power, have contributed to his downfall in the same way they contributed to the fall and demise of many other former revolutionaries and actors, supposedly in service to the people.