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In Support of Catalonia's Leaders - Carles Puigdement, etal

If Catalonia was Hong Kong, then those standing in support of Spain would not have stood with the People's Republic of China(PRC). They would have supported the separatists with a view to seeing a new Republic established.

Since Catalonia is not Hong Kong, those supporting Spain's bid to retain the autonomous region under Madrid rule, in my opinion, are guilty of harboring a double-standard pertaining to who people could and those who should not aspire to self-rule.

The call by the chief prosecutor in Madrid for charges, including rebellion, be brought against Catalan's leaders for expressing the voted-will of Catalans, remains ludicrous. 

Had Catalonia's scenario been played out in Hong Kong, western nations, human rights groups and others would have been fuming today in condemnation of China's human rights stance for wanting to charge peaceful separatists with rebellion under a threat of a 30-year prison sentence.

Catalonia is not Hong Kong, so many of the so-called stalwarts of liberty, democracy and rule of law, are silent - another example of the accused double standard per human rights by western governments.

But I refuse to remain silent. As I criticized China for a crackdown on the youthful independence seekers in Hong Kong, a couple of years-ago, today, I hereby denounce and condemn the Spanish government over any attempts to jail any of the leaders of Catalonia. Supports of the rights of men and of women and of liberty and of justice, should now stand in support of Carles Puigdemont, etal, who are now in Belgium for security reasons.

The Catalan leaders did not invoke nor did they resort to violence in their bid for sovereignty, even though few Republics are ever born bloodless. Catalonia's leaders used a long accepted democratic process - the referendum, to declare Catalonia's Republic. Any violence perpetrated during the process came via the bashing of heads by the Spanish security forces upon Catalans as they attempted to exercise their democratic right to vote.

Therefore, if Spain continues any efforts to persecute Catalonia's leaders, then there should be no more criticisms of China from the supporters of Madrid, as China continues to retain, by Chinese characteristics, full control of its "one-nation two-systems" policy.