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A Vow to Resist Spanish Rule in Catalonia

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont has vowed to resist Spain's takeover of Catalonia and he has called for "democratic opposition" to direct rule by the Madrid central government over the Barcelona region.

Puigdemont's comments in a pre-taped televised message to Catalans, the BBC-News reported, came after Madrid fired Catalonia's government and suspended its autonomy on Friday to disallow the autonomous region's desire to independence from Spain.

Thousands of pro-independence supporters took to the streets of Barcelona earlier today and yesterday in support of their independence aspirations and to defy the actions of the Madrid government. Other pro-unity supporters both in Barcelona and in Madrid also marched in support of Catalonia staying within Spain.

Puigdemont promised to continue to "work to build a free country" (the republic of Catalonia), the BBC-News reported. He added that Catalonia's independence declaration had been "a day with democratic and civic sensibility". He reiterated that the actions of the Madrid government to Catalonia were "contrary to the expressed will of the citizens of our country, who know perfectly well that in a democracy it is parliament that choose, or remove, presidents".

And so the saga of Catalonia continues under Spain. The European Union(EU), the United States(US) and the United Kingdom(UK) have all supported the Madrid government's attempt to retain unity of Spain. Empires have risen and have fallen. Nations have split. States have been created. No matter how small or what number of States are created, are the rights of sovereignty non-inalienable to some people?

Like a  doomed marriage void of the necessary communication to succeed that expects to lasts through mere counseling, would inevitably end in divorce, then any forced-government of Catalonia lacking redress of the long-held concerns and unhappiness of Catalans, would in the long run, eventually end in a split.