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My Blog

...on Catalonia and Spain

Wherever people live, they should possess an inalienable right to sovereignty. The freedom of people to form their own nation-state ought to be a right that could never be abridged. 

However, when a people have already entered into a union with other peoples to form an indivisible federal power, then the conduct of all the peoples within the union, are subject to the Constitution or the Articles of Confederation that created their central government. Therefore, the actions of all the people within the union become limited in scope per any desires to exit such a union.

Yet, if no system to redress of grievances by any of the peoples within any union remains absent, then the constructed union could be construed as flawed upon its face. Therefore, the communicative civility of bonded people could be expected to render due process through talks and agreements to settle expressed concerns and differences.

The independence aspirations of Catalonia from Spain is not a new issue. It has flared up and drowned as a Spanish question for many years. On December 29, 2013, December 28, 2014 and on December 29, 2015, writing on this Blog, I cited the aspirations of Catalans as an issue Spain would have to tend with. To be fair, I also mentioned the aspirations of Scotland, Flanders, Wallonia, Venice and Sardinia as European places where the zeal to independence could run high.

With regards to the pass Catalonia referendum on independence, which the Spanish Supreme Court has since ruled unconstitutional, Catalans are hereby forced to answer two questions as to the legality of their desires within Spain: Does the Spanish Constitution, which they have adopted, allows for them to secede? If not, then is the law of the land flawed in depriving them of life, liberty and happiness?

Clearly, constitutional issues will figure high if or when Madrid takes over the Barcelona government as it has proposed.

Whereas Spain is concerned, the actions in the Catalonia region must be explicitly indicative of a lengthy period of unhappiness of Catalans. And that the concerns of the people of the region have not been addressed or settled over the past many years, affirms today's anger of Catalans and of the deepening autonomy and constitutional crisis in Spain.

Since the Catalonia government was impotent in preventing security forces from the central government to enter the region and to beat up Catalans during the October 1, referendum, then it would appear that once Madrid wants to crush the Catalan government, it would do so at will and whim since Catalonia is not an independent state.

Yet, the future of Catalonia rests squarely upon its people and how much they are willing to sacrifice in achieving their manifested destiny to independence.