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The Plot Thickens in Spain

President of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont yesterday affirmed to 450,000 marchers in Barcelona that their autonomous region would not bow to the actions of Madrid taking over the Catalan government.

Marchers took to the streets of Barcelona to affirm their aspirations for independence after the Madrid government, Spain's Central administration, proposed the suspension of the President, Vice-President and Ministers of the northeastern region in an effort to force Catalonia back into the fold of the Spanish government under Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. 

The move announced by Madrid comes as a measure to the central government invoking Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution to force Catalonia to abide by Madrid's directive: to wit, annulling aspirations to independence.

Puigdemont's affirmation to the people of Catalonia thickens the plot in the deepening autonomy and independence crisis in Spain as many Catalans continue to call for a divorce from Spain.

This coming week may be filled with Madrid measures to recapture Catalonia as Catalans seek to protect their autonomy and desires toward independence, which was approved by referendum on October 1, but has since been ruled unconstitutional by the Spanish Supreme Court in Madrid.