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The North Korea Question will not Disappear without an Action

As the South Korean media report on the stealthy night-time movement of a North Korean Intercontinental Ballistic Missile(ICBM) toward the rogue nation's west coast in preparation for yet another nuclear test, perhaps on the country's founding day, September 9, the international community remains impotent regarding what to do to deter the oppressive Pyongyang regime from pursuing greater nuclear capabilities.

For many years, sanctions and United Nations(UN) Resolutions have done little to deter the reclusive North Korean regime from pursuing full nuclear war making capabilities. Food programs and other humanitarian considerations delivered to the North Korean government have not impacted the dangerous intent of the regime. Diplomatic channels and solutions have not worked. Punishing companies for doing business to enhance North Korea's ambition have failed to derail the end point desired by North Korea.

In light of Sunday's sixth nuclear test by North Korea in clear violation of UN Resolutions, again the world body sat in New York City yesterday debating and discussing further sanctions against the menacing regime. Yet, North Korea continues its path to rattle and to frighten the international community with its actions of nuclear testing and its capabilities to mount them onto a war head for delivery to Guam, to South Korea, to Japan or to the US mainland.

Sanctions and talks have not deterred Kin Jong Un. The North Korea question will not melt away overnight. Overtures toward a diplomatic solution from the regime's few friends will temporarily qualm the established threat. But it could be ascertained that North Korea will continue its nuclear ambitions and threats to allies and to the US and to the wider world.

The North Korea question will not disappear. Therefore, in lieu of diplomatic and sanctions produced effects to rein in North Korea, a neutralizing of its war making capabilities and threats, stand as the only option and solution.