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Unwavering Support for American Dreamers

That children should never be held liable for the transgressions of their parents, remains an important premise of the life experience of modern civil societies. Any attempt to punish children for the acts of their parents must be disavowed. 

Therefore, the Trump administration should not remove the protections placed on "Dreamers" by the Barack Obama Administration. All attempts by Trump to remove from the United States(US) the children of undocumented immigrants must be disavowed. "Dreamers" are an integral and important demographic group of the US. They should be accorded full citizenship and be allowed to enjoy all the rights and privileges as all other Americans.

No real justification exists for the hunting down, rounding up and deporting of "Dreamers". They represent no danger to their communities. They are a community of Americans who share the ideal of democracy, liberty, equality and the rule of law. Any attempts to displace them from their accepted and defined homeland are rooted in racism and a fear of multiculturalism which goes against the grain of the American spirit.

Humanity demands protection of "Dreamers". Any success to remove this integrated group of Americans from their homeland will represent a clear betray of the humanitarian code that American has stood for centuries and also amount to an explicit denial of the rights and the privileges that America has accorded to its white immigrants over the years.

The Trump administration should note that in attempting to punish "Dreamers" for the transgressions of their parents, it opens itself up to the liability of the atrocities, sins and civil rights violations carried out by the fore parents of Trump, his supporters, etal, upon Native Americans and upon African Americans.

The unwavering support of "Dreamers" must come from Capitol Hill to Knob Hill to Bunker Hill. The protection of thousands of youthful Americans must stand.