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My Blog

To Honor and to Protect Mother Earth

It is an obligation of the human race to protect Mother Earth. Political and business leaders -  placed in positions to carry out this onus, but fail to do so because of their pompous attitudes and their lack of acceptance of the non-fallible science of global warming, risk dooming their people to certain peril.

Since the honor and the protection of Mother Earth is necessary for the continuity of civilization on Earth, any leader failing to perform his/her duty to protect Planet Earth, should be removed by the people. 

The native peoples of the world have had a sound understanding of the need to protect the planet. They have shared this information and the dangers of inaction with modern people. Scientists have confirmed that Mother Earth is not well. She cannot sustain life forever under present levels of poisonous gases and stresses. Yet, she offers a glimmer of hope if only humankind could clean up the air, seas, lakes and rivers.

The Paris Agreement of Climate Change committed the United States(US) and 194 other countries to a policy of reducing poisonous greenhouse emissions as a measure to resurrecting the health of Mother Earth.

Sensible signatories of the Paris accord have reaffirmed their commitment to saving Planet Earth, but Donald Trump of the US, has declined. Now the people of the US must find a way to circumvent Trump's gross negligence toward the environment and find a way to continue a global partnership with the people of Europe, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, to protect and to honor Mother Earth.