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My Blog

...on some Circumstances of Terror

It remains deeply troubling that a presumed human being could seek to destroy innocent people not known to the perpetrator. And that people with no connection whatsoever to any grievance the said perpetrator might have with society, could be killed for merely enjoying their lives. 

Even more troubling, is the evil descent to violence by the offspring of refugees upon the said communities that have granted them domicile.

Yet, from England to France to Belgium to Germany and even to the United States(US), there have been very stark examples of such perpetrators wrecking havoc upon the said societies that have granted them domicile and provided comfort to their parents for many years. Why?

Evil must be the first circumstance of terror - for only persons possessed by evil could conduct such callous violence upon the innocent. Hatred - must then, be the second circumstance of terror, for to carry out such acts that have been committed across Europe and the US, perpetrators must have been consumed by a demonic hatred.

A fallible ideology in many cases of terror, has stoked the evil and the hate within marginal individuals leading to unspeakable events of violence. Often, failure to assimilate into a larger community has prompted marginal perpetrators to be easily influenced by evil and hate, thus leading to notorious events of terror. Also, at times, the circumstance of perpetrators having a major grievance with a community, has led to terrorism.

But terror, evil, hatred and all easy resorts to violence upon innocent people, must have no place in civil society. Therefore, communities should ensure the equal and fair access to life, liberty and happiness as a necessary policy to defeating terror.