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Increasing Responsibility of NGOs and Individuals to Protect Humanity

In the face of declining western commitment to protect, to preserve and to champion questions of religious freedom, civil, human and gender rights, as well as to uphold the tenets of democracy, liberty and the rule of law and to provide a sanctuary to the displaced and to refugees, these historical obligations will inevitably and  increasingly become the responsibility of Non-Governmental Agencies(NGOs) and individuals, to protect and to sustain humanity.

Executive orders from the new White House in Washington, D.C., has sought to curtail and to ban the entry of refugees and immigrants from some countries, hereby removing a historical haven to the world's persecuted as well as dousing the hopes of thousands seeking that shiny beacon upon a hill of comfort and of happiness.

With real and actual attempts to close the United States(US) to thousands of dreamers, NGOs and individuals are now forced to re-double their humanitarian efforts in some lands marked by stark violence with a view to preserving the lives of millions of people, from Yemen to South Sudan to Somalia to Nigeria to Syria and to many other places, inflicted by conflict, war, hardship and famine.

Groups like Doctors Without Borders, CARE, the United Nations(UN) and all its humanitarian agencies, Mercy Corps and scores of other organizations and individuals, have been left alone in many areas to defend the survival of humanity with their limited budgets and without armed protection in the execution of their valuable humanitarian services.

Yet, these humanitarian organizations and individuals remain frightfully committed to their increasing responsibility to the service of humanity as some governments develop an apathy to the conditions of lesser privilege people in far off places. 

Through the work of these hero-humanitarians, humanity stands a chance at survival; so here's to all the good people and organizations. Other people and organizations not yet involved in any humanitarian work, should pitch in whenever and whatever they can from time to time to in order to help to sustain humanity as it struggles against stresses from governmental withdrawals and denials.