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March 2017

Assad Wins - Humanity Loses in Syria

Statements yesterday by the United States(US) ambassador to the United Nations(UN), Nikki Haley, have confirmed that Bashar al Assad - the slaughtered of women and children, purveyor of chemical weapons upon the Syrian people and instigator of crimes against humanity, has won the Syrian civil war. With Assad's win, humanity henceforth, has lost.

According to reports by the BBC-News, Ambassador Haley confirmed that the US is no longer prioritizing the removal of the Syrian leader. "...we can't necessarily focus on Assad the way the previous administration did," she said.

After Brexit - a British Option

In lieu of adopting any reactionary isolationist measures from the European continent post Brexit, Britain has an option of seeking an increase into its influence, involvement and commitment in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO). The United Kingdom(UK) could transform into a bigger security provider benefiting the European Union(EU) instead of being a par trading member of the economic bloc.

Moreover, the UK should be able to soften its Brexit hard landing by pledging and committing more resources to the security of Europe via NATO, as a means of signaling to the EU that though, it felt constrained by the pact's immigration and sovereignty policies, the UK  would still remain an integral part of the continent.

Beginning of an End - the UK Triggers Article 50 to Leave the European Union

Official proceedings have overshadowed any celebration and any sobbing as British Prime Minister Theresa May, has dispatched a six-page letter to European Union Council President, Donald Tusk, in Brussels, Belgium, invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, hereby signaling the beginning of a two-year process to officially divorce the United Kingdom(UK) from the European Union(EU).

Voters in the UK narrowly approved Brexit last June. The UK would be leaving the EU after 44 years that has witnessed the union increase in influence and in size and scope.

Environmentally Damning - Reversing Clean Air Protections from the Obama Era

The businessman White House occupant, Donald Trump, will today seek to damn the United States(US) environmental climate to increase pollution from coal-fired power plants, as he issues an executive order to remove restrictions on maxims of pollution allowed by factories that were imposed by President Barack Obama to help battle the debilitating effects of global Climate Change.

Trump, who during last year's Presidential Election, pledged to pull the US out of the historic planet-saving Paris Agreement on Climate Change, claims that removing restrictions on emissions by coal-fired power plants, would create jobs.

Jailing of Alexei Navalny - Snapshot of Old and New Russia and Putin's Desired Influence

A Russian court this morning jailed charismatic opposition leader, Alexei Navalny, 40, to 15-days in jail after he was arrested on Sunday, in Moscow, heading to one of numerous anti-corruption protests demonstrations that drew tens of thousands of people across Russia from the capital to St. Petersburg, to Vladivostok, to Novosibirsk, to Tomsk and as far away as the western city of Chita, in Siberia and stretching to the southern Dagestan capital of Makhachkala.

The Associated Press(AP) described Sunday's Russian anti-government and anti-corruption demonstrations as "the biggest show of defiance since 2011-2012 anti-government protests.

China Picks a 'Nanny' over 'Mr. Pringles' and a 'Judge' to Run Hong Kong

Stalled political reforms in the former British colony of Hong Kong have facilitated the continuity of China's dominance over the island. Chinese influence was underscored earlier this morning as Beijing's choice to lead Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, nicknamed the 'nanny', as she is viewed as a caretaker, was selected by fewer than 1,200 people to become the new chief executive. She served in the number two position as chief secretary for the past five-years.

Selection and election of Hong Kong's chief executive position is not given to the people of Hong Kong for a popular vote, but given to a Beijing-controlled committee of 1,194 people, the BBC-News has reported.

New Declaration of Rome, 60-Years Later - Affirmation to a Deeper Union

Twenty-Seven nations of the European Union(EU) are meeting today at a summit in the Italian capital, to celebrate the 60th anniversary signing of the Treaty of Rome, in 1957, which created the European Economic Community(EEC), the forerunner of the present-day powerful economic block, the EU.

Members will sign a new declaration at today's summit to honor the 1957 Treat and to hereby affirm continuance to a deeper union despite the forthcoming departure of the United Kingdom(UK), which shocked the world and narrowly voted last year to leave the economic-powerhouse union.

Potential Terrorists in Free Societies

[From time to time, I republish one of my Blogs because of pertinence and for emphasis; today's Blog was first published, Thursday, March 24, 2016.]

That people granted solace, residence, protection and due process in free societies would execute deadly violence upon the communities that have housed and fed them, is stark and perplexing. Yet, in all the recent terrorist attacks upon free societies, this pattern of treason has been repeated.

Terrorists and their facilitators have unknowingly circulated freely in western nations and the daunting task before security personnel has always been identification of potential assailants.

Civility over Terror - Stand with London to Denounce Terrorism

Today, the free world stands with London to denounce terror, while opting for civility over hatred and terror and in full rejection of yesterday's horror on Westminster Bridge, in the British capital, where an assailant plowed a motor vehicle onto a busy pavement laden with pedestrians, in an assault close to the houses of the British Parliament.

Three innocents and the raged-attacker died in the horror that started on the highly-visited Westminster Bridge, when the attacker, now identified as a British-born citizen, ran down pedestrians before crashing the motor-weapon close to Parliament, where he he continued on foot to stab an unarmed London Metropolitan policeman.

World Water Day 2017 : "Why Waste Water?"

Today is World Water Day. It was back in 1993 that the United Nations(UN) selected this day, March 22, as a time to raise awareness about  the importance of fresh clean drinking water. The theme of 2017's awareness campaign is fittingly: "Why waste water?" Safe and clean drinking water is a vital resource, yet in some areas of plenty, waste is widespread.

In contrast, 663 million other people across the globe live without access to safe water close to their homes. Many have to travel long distances or wait in long lines for long hours to get water.