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Trump's Reality Exposes Weaknesses within the Republic

With the passing of each and every day since the night of November 8, 2016, it has become more apparent that the United States(US) and the World, barring any impeachment or an honest resignation, are stuck with a Donald Trump presidency for four unpredictable years. There is no possible popular recall to the election, for as a Constitutional Representative Republic, which gives power to the states, rather than to the popular vote for the selection of President, there isn't a darn thing that could be done to remove Trump from power.

However, Trump's election to the White House with fewer than 2.8 million votes than Hillary Clinton, clearly exposes inherent weaknesses within the Republic that are outdated by modern standards. The Electoral College poses a hindrance to the winner of the popular vote should the winner fail to win key states. The Electoral College that dates back to slavery as a means to giving states a greater say in the election of the presidency, is a flawed system in the modern era and it should be amended. 

Added to, or in lieu of the Electoral College, consideration should be given to a recall mechanism via which voters could get rid of an unpopular president other than by impeachment.

In other words, 20-days into the Trump presidency, the people - the Republic, the electorate, have no system to ousting a widely unpopular president, whose unpopularity is not rooted in his color, his religion nor his political party, but within explicitly established divisive policies via Executive Orders to discriminate based upon religion and upon country of origin, as well as to disband a system that provides access to health care for all Americans, even to those with pre-existing conditions. 

Also, the dissent and unpopularity of Trump is based upon his apparent inability to measure up to the high office as president, his partitioning of the Americas with a wall on the Mexican border, his vindictive character to businesses and individuals not paying homage to he and his clan and a slew of other actions that could seriously damage the Republic. 

From the US to the rest of the world, the unpopularity of the 45th President is unprecedented, yet, he cannot be immediately removed from office. Therefore, inherent weaknesses within the Republic are clearly emphasized every day.