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February 2017

Superseding Rhetoric and Hate, the Health of the Republic Takes Precedence

In spite of narrow supporter-pleasing rhetoric offered up in the heat of a political campaign, in spite of the spread of hate through division and classification of people and religions as either friends, or as foes, the health of the Republic takes precedence over all things. 

Hate, religious and ethnic preferences, as well as the recall of rights and privileges of particular sects within the community, are cultivated illnesses within the Republic that will sicken now and also in the long run.

To Err is Human at Times - Moonlight Wins Best Picture after a Hollywood Blunder

There has always been something special about the movies - the fame, the hype, the glitter, the pompous and all that...so a blunder that originally announced the wrong movie,La La Landas Best Picture, over the real winner,Moonlight, should not be taken as any conspiracy event, but just as another Hollywood moment - the life and times of Tinseltown that contributes to making the movies, even more special.

Aging actors Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were apparently handed a wrong envelope for Best Actress, Emma Stone -

Global Unity Needed to Persevere over Humanity's Tests, Pressures and Attacks

A global unity over identified necessities to the peaceful and  sustainable habitation of planet Earth, is needed in order for humanity to persevere over its many tests, pressures and attacks.

Those identified necessities from the Americas to Europe to Asia to Africa and to Oceania, are protections of the environment, unabridged human, gender, religious and civil rights, national development and the alleviation of poverty.

Yet, such easily identified tasks remain subjects of disbelief and attacks in 2017.

Prelude to an Authoritarian State - Fake News and Manipulation of the Media

If the actions completed so far by the Donald Trump administration had been conducted in lesser known countries, there would have been cries of authoritarianism and of dictatorship. The actions: travel restrictions, immigration crack downs, omission and exclusion of some media houses, the manufacture of untrue terror events and the creation of alternative facts, all speak of an attempt to authoritarianism.

Yet, the United States(US) has never and will never be a dictatorship because of checks and balances reserved under the Constitution to maintain and to sustain free and fair governance.

Turkey's Growing Insecurity - 136 Diplomats Seek Asylum in Germany

An alarming 136 Turkish diplomats and their relatives have sought asylum in Germany since a failed coup attempt in Turkey last July. 

This exodus from Turkey underscores the erosion of human rights as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attempts to solidify himself as a new "emperor" of the sons and daughters of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. Erdogan wants Turkey to amend its constitution to give his position more power and to diminish the strength of the parliament. A referendum on the subject will soon be put before Turks.

A Spousal Monetary Affirmation in England

The British Supreme Court has upheld a monetary minimum earning amount for Brit spouses before they could bring a non- European Union(EU) spouse to the United Kingdom(UK). The ruling does not effect EU spouses.

British immigration restrictions place a minimum income requirement of 18,600 British Pounds before British citizens, or those with refugee status, are allowed to bring any non-EU spouse into the country. The level rises to 22,400 British Pounds for any non-EU spouse and child and an additional 2,400 for each additional child.

Fears of Undocumented Immigrants - a Closing Door to Redress

The hope and the opportunity for liberty, for democracy and for the rule of law that the United States(US) has always stood for through the eyes of multiple-generations of immigrants and refugees - those persecuted or deeply troubled in their native lands, are quickly fading. 

Under the new Donald Trump administration, centuries of US representation as the greatest icon of the beacon of solace and of hope to millions of immigrants, has quickly changed in less than six-weeks. 

Today, law abiding undocumented immigrants face their greatest fears of being deported despite years of paying taxes, raising children and playing by the rules, but only lacking the necessary documentation to legal status.

Starving Children - a Consequence of Conflict and War

Nobody should starve to death in this era of ample food supply, yet the United Nations children's agency, UNICEF, is warning that some 1.4 million face starving to death mainly because of conflict and war.

UN assistant secretary general, Justin Forsyth, confirmed this stark and grim reality in a report by the BBC-News. He warned that the unacceptable number of children facing death from starvation covered four nations - South Sudan, northern Nigeria, Yemen and Somalia. He blamed conflict and war for the risk of starvation because access to the needy had become difficult and impossible in some places.

Famine in South Sudan - Another 20 Million People Face Starvation Globally

South Sudan has declared a famine - 100,000 people in the war-torn country are facing starvation, another one million are on the brink of famine and another 5 million people are in need of food and nutrition assistance.

Even more daunting, another 20 million people worldwide face starvation in a series of four simultaneous famines over the next six months, the United Nations(UN) World Food Program(WFP) has warned. 

Precipitated by a civil war and an economic collapse, South Sudan's famine is the first declared globally in the last six years even though there have been starvation warnings in Yemen, Somalia and northeastern Nigeria, the BBC-News reported.

Toward Social Justice

Tomorrow, February 20,  is World Day for Social Justice - a time to affirm efforts to tackling poverty, exclusion and unemployment through the promotion of gender equality as well as the rights of indigenous people, migrants, refugees and minorities. 

It was back in November, 2007, when the United Nations(UN) General Assembly(GA), passed a proclamation declaring February 20, as World Day for Social Justice because the international body recognized social justice, as the underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.