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January 2017

Threatened Soundness of the Republic

The United States(US) Republic is in danger of damage - of suffering unprecedented harm imposed via emerging and forced policies by the Donald Trump administration.

A partitioned wall along the Mexican border, an attack on health care that guaranteed coverage to all Americans, a travel ban on some Muslims and on seven Muslim-majority nations, an attack on media and upon opposing voices and punishment to those daring to stand against unconstitutional matters, are but a few of the vehicles rendering new harm to the Republic.

Policies of Hatred, Bigotry and Racism are Dangerous and Rife with Reciprocal Chances of Violence

To deny a benefit to a particular sect of people from a narrow group of nations based upon an unsubstantiated fear, is not fair, neither could it be legal under human rights laws. Such actions are suspect of promoting hate, bigotry and racism that could lead to reciprocal events including acts of violence.

Whether or not the new White House administration contemplated reciprocal actions by nations and people effected by a temporary ban from travel to the United States(US), it has however become apparent that the Donald Trump administration, has stirred up much anxiety, chaos and anger.

A Judicial Order that Temporarily Calms Chaos in US Immigration

A Federal Judge in immigrant-haven Brooklyn, New York, yesterday granted a rational temporary stay of the immigrant-burdensome new White House order banning travel to the United States(US) from seven Muslim nations.

The American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) and immigrant lawyers sued for the emergency stay of the order from the new White House that sought a ban of travel to the US from seven Muslim nations - Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, for the next 90 days and suspension of refugee entry for 120 days.

Constitutional Questions Raised Amid Attempts to Restrict Immigration

Any Executive Order signed by the new White House, in Washington, DC, which seeks to limit immigration based upon religion and upon country of origin, clearly raises questions as to the constitutionality of any such order.

Moreover, any such order from the new administration that seeks to single out any religious sect for preferential treatment over another, should be interpreted as running amok of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and should be held as unconstitutional for running a foul of the First Amendment.

Holocaust Remembrance Day - Educating for a Better Future

Today is the International Day of commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust. This year's theme: Educating for a Better Future, is apt to ensuring that the atrocities of the past not happen again.

Yet, as cited in statement marking today's remembrance by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp survivor, Primo Levi, warns: "It happened, therefore it can happen again." 

Human Rights Commissioner Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein in observing the memory of the Holocaust said: " This painful day of remembrance for the victims of the Holocaust forces us to contemplate the horrors to which bigotry, racism and discrimination ultimately lead.

The Partitioning of the Americas - the United States, a Wall and Mexico

On June 12, 1987, United States(US) President Ronald Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate, at the Berlin Wall that had divided East and West Germany since 1961, and he famously implored then Soviet Union leader, Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down this wall".

Two years later on November 9, 1989, the wall came down when East and West Germany were reunited as the Cold War fizzled. Back then, it was the vision of the leaders to remove walls, barriers and iron curtains from hindering the peaceful exchange of common civility, relations and interactions among people as well as to promote democracy and liberty.

An Environmental Issue to Rekindle a Struggle between Settlers and First Nations - the Dakota Access Pipeline

The new administration in the White House, in Washington, DC, has and will continue to stir controversy with executive orders covering a wide range of programs from health care, to funding abortions, to immigration and to environmental matters. 

However, of all the orders issued in the less than-a-week since inauguration, the one to advance the approval of the stalled Dakota Access pipeline - close to the reservation of the Sioux people, has the most potential to engulf the White House in a battle with Native Americans - a kind of struggle not witnessed in modern times since contact, settlement and conquer.

Era of Alternative Facts and Erosion of Rights

Those who may have questioned why millions of women across the globe marched on Washington, DC and on another 673 sites worldwide last Saturday, were given explicit answers yesterday when, the untested new administration in the White House, took away the rights of some women to have an abortion as the reference of  'alternative facts' emerged as substitutions to truths.

Less than 48-hours after the women of the world staged marches across the globe to rally for democracy, human rights, civil rights and reproductive rights, the new White House issued an executive order, in the company of eight-men, to cut off funding to Non-Governmental Organization(NGOs) that sponsor women having abortions in other countries.

An Expansive Global Reach of Women's Solidarity in Affirmation of Human Rights

After Saturday's overwhelming global showing by women in marches across the world in affirmation of human, civil and reproductive rights, now there can be no mistake or misjudgment as to the expansive and involved solidarity reach of women worldwide.

That millions of women, their spouses, their children, their families, their friends and their associates, gathered peacefully in some 673 locations across the globe to send a message to a new administration in the White House, in Washington, DC, that they will not sit idly and allow their rights to be eroded, is an unprecedented global action against an unknown Donald Trump presidency.

The Women's Notice - Beware the Scorn, Protect the Rights

Yesterday, millions of women assembled at marches and protests in the United States(US) and across the globe, to give notice to a new administration in Washington, DC, to beware the scorn of women and to protect the rights - human, civil and reproductive, of all the people.

Transcending from Washington, DC -  where more than 500,000 people rallied at the National Mall in greater numbers than the previous day's inauguration event, and spanning to  Paradise Bay, Antarctica; women, their spouses, their children, their families, their friends and their associates, gathered amid a healthy feel-good energy to proclaim their respect of the freedoms of democracy and the inherent rights of humankind.