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The World in 2017 - Central and South America

If, a winner had to be declared from among Central and South American states based upon their national accomplishments in 2016 and upon their socio-political forecasts for 2017, then, Colombia would overwhelmingly emerge as the decisive victor. 

In winning the peace with Farc rebels this year, Colombia has position itself as the best chance of all Central and South American countries to realize good national stability and the associated economic opportunity in 2017. In contrast, Venezuela's political troubles have doomed it to the opposite of Colombia's chances in 2017.

In 2017, Colombia should enjoy the peaceful national security it has not experienced since the start of the Farc insurgency, back in 1964. That with Cuban and Norwegian mediation, peace has been able to come to Colombia, augurs very well for that nation in 2017. Moreover, Colombian efforts to peace were recognized by the international community and confirmed with the conferring of the Noble Peace Prize upon President Juan Manuel Santos. 

However, assuming there are no other certainties in life, but taxes and death, then the Colombia and the Farc agreement to peace is not a sure thing, thus both parties, joined by other smaller rebel groups, should continue to work and to implement the peace in 2017 so that national stability can be sustained in the long run.

Venezuela carries into 2017 much of its 2016  political and economic troubles exacerbated by President Nicolas Maduro's failing performance. Political action seeking the removal of the president will continue in 2017 as Maduro fails to implement both Papal and regional recommendations to stability in the land numerous beauties. 

El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama and Honduras could witness up ticks in violence associated with the logistics concerning the drug trade in 2017. The return of Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista to power in Nicaragua will ensure a long-running experience of leftist rule in the region. 

Brazil's impeachment of a president and numerous investigations of corruption involving prior and present political and business leaders, set a less then enthusiastic attitude toward 2017. Yet, Brazil has always possessed an energy that appears immune to most troubles, so amends to Brazilian problems could be weathered before the end of 2017.

Peru's kiss and makeup between the government and the opposition following a forceful presidential election should provide enough commonality among the people in 2017 in order to maintain peace in the country. Environmental questions raised mainly from mining issues would have to answered in Chile and Bolivia as Argentina gains a better grasp of its financials in 2017. Ecuador's region following plan to enhance the lives of its people through better social programs could also bring stability to both Uruguay and Paraguay.