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The Decline of the Forthcoming America

Ceteris Paribus, if all other things hold equal - the information, the evidence and the statements pertaining to the 2016 Presidential Election, the decline of the great United States(US) is forthcoming.

The unprecedented influence by Russia on the US elections, which has now been confirmed by the nation's spy agency, whose confirmation of the sovereignty breach has been categorized by the President-elect, as "ridiculous", affirmatively points to an era of declining American influence over world affairs, something not witnessed in modern times.

That Russia has been able to influence the US election without any consequences and without any condemnation from the President-elect, underscores the stark reality  that Russia can now play puppet with the great United States of America at Vladimir Putin's will and whim. 

Moreover, that the President-elect has not stood by the findings of the country's Central Intelligence Agency(CIA), affirms the forthcoming decline of the US.

However, there is redress. The President-elect is yet to take the oath of office as Commander-in-chief of all the US armed forces and agencies. The US Congress, the Electoral College and the Supreme Court hold special abilities to ensure the non-compromise to a foreign power of the United States Executive Branch. Only eight days remain before a key event leading to inauguration day, January 20, 2017.