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December 2016

To the Protection of Human Rights

This 2016 has been laden with surprises from Brexit - the United Kingdom(UK), voting to leave the European Union(UN); to the Electoral College selection of the United States(US) President-elect; and to the profound realization of the carnage of war in Syria. 

Yet, in 2016,  humanity, including the United Nations(UN), Doctors Without Borders, USAID and many other governmental and non-governmental organizations, kept vigil and protection over the rights of millions of displaced, refugee and stateless people, while providing basic medical and care necessities to support life under very dangerous conditions in many problematic conflict zones.

The World in 2017 - the United States of America(USA)

The adage that "you never miss the water until the well runs dry" will be the recurring truthful theme in the United States(US) throughout 2017. After eight-years of rational, even-keeled and well mannered leadership, the US will veer into the fearful unknown under a new President-elect in 2017. 

Therefore, unlike the predictable saneness experienced under President Barack Obama's leadership, there is no way to predict how a new administration in Washington, DC, will perform given the vile, harsh and splintering rhetoric of the President-elect during the Presidential Elections.

The World in 2017 - Europe

Though Europe may never return to that grandeur of yore, it has the unmatched European Union(EU) and the proof effective systems of government in the Nordics that have accorded the continent the opportunity to establish and to maintain, some of the best standards of living for its people within serene settings, which remain dreams and hopes of many people in other places on Planet Earth. 

That the theater of two World Wars in the last century has been able to maintain and to sustain above average stability in recent times, must be attributed to its security and economic viability.

The World in 2017 - Asia

In 2017, Asia will continue to define its modern face as geo-political issues dominate the continent's current affairs from time to time, especially on the East and South China Seas. 

While many issues involving China will become commonplace in 2017, Turkey's growing instability, its control of millions of refugees, its membership in NATO and its desire to ascend to membership of the European Union(EU), will keep the land of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk very much in the news in 2017.

China's apparent militarization of disputed isles and its land reclamation projects on the South China Sea, could in 2017 prolong an evolving spat with the United States(US) regarding freedom of navigation on the strategic waters that ferry billions of dollars of trade each year.

The World in 2017 - the Middle East

Five-plus years of war in Syria and a children-starving conflict in Yemen, after years of wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, have soured any reluctant taste or rationale for any more war in the Middle East. Thus rather than assume what will happen in this volatile region in 2017, it might be best to state what should happen in order to preserve the children and the culture of the Middle East in 2017.

That Bashar al Assad is not in irons for crimes committed against humanity in the execution of the Syrian war upon his people, clearly underscores humanity's gross failings to render justice and to usher in peace and comfort in Syria.

The World in 2017 - Central and South America

If, a winner had to be declared from among Central and South American states based upon their national accomplishments in 2016 and upon their socio-political forecasts for 2017, then, Colombia would overwhelmingly emerge as the decisive victor. 

In winning the peace with Farc rebels this year, Colombia has position itself as the best chance of all Central and South American countries to realize good national stability and the associated economic opportunity in 2017. In contrast, Venezuela's political troubles have doomed it to the opposite of Colombia's chances in 2017.

To Peace...

On this Christmas Day, 2016, I bid peace, comfort and prosperity to all people in the Americas, in Africa, in Asia, in Europe and wherever people dwell.

May the kindness of the Lord Jesus Christ shine upon all children of the world and grant them relief and longevity in Syria, in South Sudan, in Myanmar, in Nigeria, in Ethiopia, in Yemen and in all nations on Earth. And here's to prosperity in the coming year.

A Prayer for the Children of Conflicts, those Homeless, the Displaced and the Stateless

Almighty God: Only through you are all things possible. I bow before you on this day to offer a prayer of hope, of relief, of comfort and of deliverance for all the unfortunate people of the world, especially for the innocent children victims of conflicts and of geo-political reshuffles.

From Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Nigeria and Libya to everywhere conflicts and agitations impact humanity, I pray for the safeguard, protection and the deliverance of the innocents. Of these things, I humbly beg.

The World in 2017 - the Caribbean

The Caribbean has been tranquil for a very long time and it should remain that way in 2017. Tourism revenue and its vital necessity to Caribbean governments, mandate that island states remain peaceful and free of political turmoil in order to sustain economic stability and peaceful political continuity. 

Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica, Antigua and the other island nations, have remained peaceful. Haiti's ill fate of natural disasters and bad governments continue to impoverish that nation, while its neighbor the Dominica Republic has advanced ten-fold.

The World in 2017 - Canada and Mexico


The stability of Canada will remain constant in 2017. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his youthfulness will continue to enjoy much popularity, while earning and attaining the respect and the confidence of greater numbers of his fellow Canadians, many Americans across the border and countless others worldwide.

However, Trudeau's popularity might not be enough to keep Canada immune to all troubles in 2017. But any Canadian troubles in 2017 might be limited to energy exploration and its distribution, some environmental issues and matters concerning the rights of minorities including the First Nations.