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November 2016

Standing Rock - the Re-Emergence of Native Americans into Activism and Civil Engagement

Protests by Native Americans, joined by various others in the state of North Dakota, against an oil pipeline crossing their sacred burial lands among other things, have done much to raise environmental awareness to some of the continued trials of the first nations, as well as to serve as notice of the re-emergence of Native Americans into activism and into civil engagement in the United States(US).

Forced from their lands, slaughtered in battle and driven onto reservations by European settlers in America, the history of the Native Americans is well documented.

The Fall of Aleppo , Syria

Aleppo, Syria - that tip-of-the-tongue word for a known town that epitomizes the humanitarian wrongs and failings of the Syrian conflict, is falling. The demise of rebel-held Aleppo becomes another tragic milestone in the six-year execution of Bashar al Assad's war upon the Syrian people.

With rebel held, government held and  Kurdish held areas of the city, the rebel held sector had become the focus of much international press in recent months as starvation and other humanitarian sufferings intensified within the region, brought to wrought by Russia's reinforcement of Bashar al Assad's forces in the fight for Syria.

Bruised Faith and Spirits - Lingering Effects of Decision 2016

How do you mend bruised faith and spirits that have been twisted and churned from a surprising election result? How do you continue to trust, to promote and to value a system that is flawed? How can you criticize other fallible systems of elections when yours denies winning to the majority vote-getter? Is majority rule a farce design to further dupe developed and developing states?

Many families, friends, associates and neighbors  have suffered bruised faiths and spirits from the surprising results of the 2016 United States(US) Presidential Election.

To the Defense of all Minorities: Protection for Myanmar's Rohingya People

The persecution of Myanmar's minority Rohingya people - a Muslim sect in a Buddhist majority country, has intensified in recent weeks. Attacks upon women, children and men have escalated to a point that a United Nations(UN) official has warned of government ethnic cleansing of the Muslim minority people.

The Rohingya, who number about one-million of the 57-million Buddhist majority in Myanmar, have been relegated to little or no status in their country, where they are considered illegal immigrants by many.

The End of a Marxist Institution - the Death of Cuba's Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro, the former leader of the Caribbean country of Cuba, who's longevity underscored his impact upon millions of youths in the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and the world, died last night. He was 90.

Castro led Cuba as a Marxist revolutionary since 1959, when he and Che Guevara routed the corrupt Fulgencio Batista from power in Cuba. Castro's revolution became the rallying cry for the working classes in Latin American, the Caribbean and Africa at a time when United States(US) and Soviet ideologies split the world.

Erdogan's Migrant Trump Card to EU Accession

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to open the flood gates of hundreds of thousands of migrants to Europe in reaction to the European Parliament's vote to freeze European Union(EU) membership talks for Turkey. Hence, Erdogan has revealed his trump card to Turkey's EU accession. 

His reaction, according to the BBC-News, was to the non-binding vote by the European Parliament yesterday to freeze talks on Turkey's EU membership because of Erdogan's "disproportionate" response to a failed coup attempt in July.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! To those not celebrating, I bid you peace and comfort. 

On this day when many of us find numerous things of which to be thankful, I instead offer a special prayer for the children of conflicts who are denied the rights of liberty, of happiness, of childhood and of life.

For a quick path to cessation of hostilities I dream as I hope for a immediate return to normalcy and to solace for all the children victimized by conflicts. Amen.

Thanksgiving in Colombia: Signing a Redrawn Peace Deal

Tomorrow, Thursday, November 24, 2016, will be observed as Thanksgiving Day in the United States(US) - to commemorate the life-saving efforts Native Americans provided to the Pilgrims upon the founding of the colony that would later evolve into a Super Power.

However, tomorrow's celebration in the US could be overshadowed by a greater need to give thanks in the Latin American country of Colombia, where its government and Farc rebels, who have been fighting for 52-years, will sign a redrawn Peace Agreement that offers peace to the beautiful people and landscapes of Colombia.

A Hope for Relief to the Victims of Conflict

As tens of millions of people enter into the festive season of the year, we here at Community Affairs Consultants, take this opportunity to offer a special hope for relief from suffering to all the children and adult victims of conflict.

From Aleppo, Syria; to Mosul, Iraq; and to the places in Europe, in Africa, in Asia and in the Americas that are under pressure from conflict and from the uncertainty of the unknown, we offer a ray of hope that today, tomorrow, the next day and the coming year, could bring prosperity and comfort to all of you.

Re-Affirming the Rights of the People

The self-evident truths that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as stated in the Declaration of Independence by the United States of America, continue to provide the framework to ensuring the rights of the people 200-plus years after the affirmation.

Wherever humans live, their rights to liberty, to equality, to happiness and to the rule of law, must never be abridged. From the east to the west, the people in their varying environs, will continue to stand for justice, for equality and for peace.