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Aleppo: a Tragedy of Conscience and of Humanity

That the reality of suffering, starving and dying of Syrian children in an arid distant city, has not invoked enough sympathy from a vast world to compel the forces that be to end the human tragedy  of thousands of children, must amount to a mass failing of conscience and of humanity.

For in Aleppo, Syria, the human condition of many people, including too many children - trapped in rebel-held parts of the city, is a real event that underscores a gross failing of humanity to protect many who are unable to defend themselves from the bombs of Russia and of Bashar al Assad.

Why is it that not enough people seem to care about Syria's children? What wrongs, if any, have the children committed? For what actions or non-actions of their parents are children paying the ultimate price? Do the children suffer because there is no monetary gain to saving them? Who decides the fate of innocents?

This much is true: Aleppo is a tragedy of conscience and of humanity. Western nations must not assign the fate of the children of Syria to Russia and to Bashar al Assad. The time for talking and to wishing upon United Nations(UN) resolutions has past. Now is the hour for action to save the children left in Aleppo.

A safe humanitarian corridor should be established forthwith in and around Aleppo. Children and civilians should be evacuated to the established safe zones to receive medical and other aid. A camp within or outside of Aleppo should suffice. Western nations must pledge to protect these safe zones so that medical and aid staff could carry out their functions. Any attacks upon these safe zones should be deemed as an attack upon the free world and response should be in kind.

There is hope for humanity on the Syrian question. However, to protect this hope, action by the stalwarts for the preservation of human dignity and of liberty, is needed now over the destructive feats of Russia and of Bashar al Assad.