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Finally a Stance on Russia - United States Ends Talks on Syria

The United States(US) yesterday suspended talks with Russia over the prolonged war in Syria as Vladimir Putin, along with the Bashar al Assad regime, continue to bomb civilian installations in and around the conflict-ravaged city of Aleppo.

The US had said for over a week that it would end the relation if the Russian strikes upon aid assets, medical centers and other civilian targets continued. The attacks continued with another medical facility destroyed on Monday killing at least seven people and trapping others under the rubble. Monday's attack was the third time in a week the M10 Hospital was bombed. Yesterday afternoon, the US formally announced the split with Russia on matters concerning Syria.

In retaliation, Vladimir Putin withdrew from a nuclear weapons agreement with the US. Putin elected the nuclear agreement because he believes nuclear weapons represent his trump card over the international community. With his quick references to considering the use of nuclear weapons in recent times, he believes he has scared the world. Yet, Washington should not fall patsy to Putin's bribes and bluffs. Instead Washington with its wealth and technology, should seek to raise the stakes on Russia.

Opportunistic conditions and circumstances have been missed in recent years to force Russia to act responsibly like a true world partner. These conditions and circumstances were under utilized in Ukraine, in Crimea, in the air, on the sea and on the land over Europe. Russia has not felt enough cost for its recent actions. Imposed sanction have not been sufficient. Therefore, such conditions and circumstances could not figure heavily in Syria, in Ukraine and over Europe.