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October 2016

An Agreement Under Papal Mediation to Lowering Heated Rhetoric in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro's regime in Venezuela and the opposition have finally agreed on something in respect to the current affairs of the faltering South American country's situation: to tone down the heated rhetoric both have accelerated recently with regards to diminishing economic, social and political conditions.

As reported by the Associated Press(AP) earlier this morning, the two Latin American sides sat down to talks on Sunday, which extended into the wee hours of this morning. At the conclusion, both sides agreed to tone down the heated rhetoric of the past few days and to immediately open four thematic negotiations on topics ranging from human rights to the economy under the mediation of a Vatican envoy and former presidents of Spain, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

The Marriage of the Host to the Alien - the Ensuing and Prolonged Damning of the Syrian People

Generosity and mannerly hospitality have always been good virtues of good people in the cities, the towns, the villages, the frozen tundras and the deserts of the world. 

Kindness and selflessness of hosts/hostesses to aliens have long ensured the survival of the human species. However, when welcomes are betrayed with bombs, arms and death, then hosts/hostesses must become charged with the task of evicting the judas-alien by all means necessary.

The Syrian people through their anti-government groups must now rid Syria of Russia.

After the Smoke of Conflicts and Wars...

It might be hard today to imagine, but some day, the smoke will clear over conflicts and wars. 

Although the revelation of the dreaded destruction and carnage of violence by men upon men would then be seen in its full entirety, it will be eclipsed by a new ray of hope and determination by humankind to achieve better living conditions and peace to all peoples. 

Out of the smoke of conflicts and wars will rise a new resolve to sustaining the preservation of the human species on planet Earth.

Undue Pressures Upon Too Many People - a Need for Relief

Image the conditions under which an early teen girl/boy finds her/him self in eastern Aleppo today: in the midst of a conflict, experiencing hunger and starvation, lacking basic medical attention, facing death from chemical and conventional weapons, compelled to join one or more of many groups -  some moderate, some extreme and often under threat of death. What to do?

The a fore mentioned scenarios might cover circumstances surrounding children in Aleppo, Syria, but they could also apply to many youth -  some younger -  some older, in many other places in the Levant, in the broader Middle East, in Asia, in Africa and with some variations to children in Europe and throughout the Americas.

Another Slaughter of Syrian Children in Air Strikes

Air strikes over the northern Syrian rebel-held city of Idlib, on Wednesday, killed as many as 22 school children and six teachers, who were among 35 civilians slaughtered in the continuing conflict in the Levant. 

The air strikes hit a residential area, which according to a report by the Associated Press(AP), was housing a school complex. The children died as they gathered outside probably for recess. UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake called the attack an "outrage" that if deliberate, "is a war crime.

The 'Takeover of Venezuela'

Venezuela's opposition groups will take to the streets of the South American country, today, in rallies themed, the 'Takeover of Venezuela', against the regime of President Nicolas Maduro to prevent him from morphing into a dictator by preventing a plebiscite to remove him from power.

Last week, Venezuelan electoral authorities canceled a planned signature drive to hold a recall referendum against Maduro. Following a demonstration by Venezuelan women against Maduro last Saturday, the opposition launched a political trial against Maduro in Congress yesterday, seeking to remove him from power.

To Dismantle France's Calais Migrant 'Jungle' Camp - the Return to Western Civility

French officials yesterday began removing migrants from the squalor-infested migrant 'jungle' camp at Calais, in the north of France, where an encampment of migrants wanting to reach England, had taken hold for over a year.

Over the past year, the camp has taken on the appearance of some of the said places from where many migrants were escaping, if not worse, as migrants squatted on tracts of land without modern plumbing and proper sanitation. The camp housed many in pitched tents as it reached a peak occupancy of 8,143 souls before the ongoing French action to remove the blighted structures.

It's United Nations Day 2016 - 71-Years of Safeguarding Humanity

Today is United nations(UN) Day, 2016, an annual celebration of the international organization that was founded 71-years-ago to prevent the witnessed horrors of two world wars. 

This year, the New York City, New York, headquartered world body, hopes to highlight concrete actions people can take to help achieve its Sustainable Development Goals - mechanisms to end poverty, protect the planet and to ensure prosperity for all. 

That governments, the private sector and civil society are capable of attaining prosperity for all, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon notes that: "Humanity has entered the era of sustainability - with a global commitment to fulfill the great promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Truces End - Fighting Resumes in Syria and in Yemen

That two ceasefires of hostilities in two conflicts in two different countries did not even last a week, clearly underscore the difficult complexity of ending conflicts in modern times.

As a result of the impotence to end or to halt hostilities for a short period of time, more violence will continue to stain the ambitions and hopes of many people across the globe because negotiations to end conflicts will increasingly prove harder to negotiate.

Russia's self-declared halt to the bombings over war-torn Aleppo, Syria, last week, has now given way to fresh rounds of air strikes over the city, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Full Accountability for War Crimes in Syria

The Bashar al Assad regime has been named for a third time as the culprit behind the use of chemical weapons on Syrians. 

A confidential report to the United Nations(UN) Security Council(SC) has found that the Syrian government dropped chlorine barrel bombs on the northwest Syrian province of Idlib on March 16, 2015, according to the BBC-News.

It was not the first time in 2015 that the Assad regime used chemical weapons on Syrians. An earlier report by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons(OPCW), similarly faults the Syrian regime for two other chemical attacks in 2015.