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September 2016

One Year of Russian Slaughter of Syrians, including Children

Nine-hundred-and-six Syrian children have been killed by Russia in Syria in the last year. These innocent children were slaughtered among 3,804 civilians killed by the forces of Vladimir Putin since Russia moved into Syria one-year-ago today, to prop up the failed regime of Bashar al Assad.

According to figures released by the London based, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and published by the Associated Press(AP) earlier today, Russian forces have killed a total of 9,364 people in Syria in a year's time.

The Constricting Death of Aleppo by the Forces of Assad and Russia

The bombing of the last remaining bakery in the town of Anadan, just north of Aleppo, Syria, confirms a deliberate act by the forces of Bashar al Assad and Russia to constrict the life out of the people on Syria as part of a continued systematic attack that threatens the survival of some 250,000 residents, including 100,000 children.

This morning's destruction of the last remaining bakery in Anadan by the forces of Bashar al Assad has been confirmed by activists on the ground in Syria. As reported by the Associated Press(AP), the bakery was destroyed after it delivered bread to the 2,000 remaining people in the town and nearby villages.

The Damnation of Aleppo - the Promotion of Radicalization in Syria

Men and women become radicalized not solely via the advocacy of some fiery ideology, but additionally through life experiences and the witness of unconscionable suffering of their peers at the hand of others. 

The punishing bombardment of Aleppo, Syria, by the forces of Bashar al Assad and by those of his allies, has damned the besieged people of Aleppo to suffering while exposing them to the easy promotion of radicalization in light of the non humane conditions facing some 250,000 residents including 100,000 children.

A Hell upon the Children of Aleppo - the War Crimes of Airstrikes

That 38 children were among the 327 war dead from air strikes in and around Aleppo, Syria, in the last week, and that half the casualties being treated in bombed-out and ill equipped medical centers are children, and that some 100,000 children remain in the middle of the conflict, are all indicative of a new hell which has widened over the fate of Syria's children as war crimes in the form of air strikes launched by Russia and by the Bashar al Assad regime, continue upon civilians in Syria.

Some 250,000 civilians are trapped within Aleppo as Russia and Assad continue to drop bombs upon the sector.

Peace Comes to Colombia - Ending the Last Armed Conflict in the Western Hemisphere

Peace has come to Colombia after 50-years of armed conflict between the government and guerrillas. 

Later this afternoon in the Caribbean city of Cartagena, Colombia's government will sign a peace accord with the largest rebel group on the South American country, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia(FARC), hereby signifying the end to armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere and a final peace to Colombia.

Since the 1960s, armed rebel groups concerned about the unequal distribution of land and subsequent cocaine producers, have led a violent conflict in Colombia.

The Blasting of Aleppo - Confirmation of Continued Conflict in Syria

Russian and Bashar al Assad forces continue to bomb areas in and around the city of Aleppo today, hereby confirming that the Syrian war is still in full blast with no end in sight or of any hint of solace to the thousands of civilians, including many children, still trapped in the battle-ravished city.

Reuters reported this morning that Russian planes continued their pounding of residential parts of Aleppo, with whole buildings flattened, rebels and residents confirmed. The battle for Aleppo, where more than 250,000 residents are trapped, has the potential to greatly aggravating and escalating the casualty count in Syria, where more than a-quarter-million people have perished in five-years of war and where some 11 million people have been displaced.

To End Child Starvation in Yemen - to End Two Years of War

That children have starved to death in Yemen while another 370,000 are slowly wasting away from starvation after two years of war and a Saudi-led blockade, is preposterous and clearly indicative of yet another failing of humanity.

No child should starve to death. No parent should have to helplessly witness a child wither before their eyes unable to remedy a child's fate because of the consequences of war. Yet in Yemen, children are dying and sad hopeless mothers are clinging to the frail bodies of their dying loved ones unable to save their lives.

The Police and Minorities in America - a Non-Settled Relationship

The stark truth about the relationship between police and minorities in America is that it has never been a good one. Too many police agencies have on their employment rolls too many white policemen with racist inclinations and with memberships into some hate groups. 

Moreover, too few minorities are employed by police forces across the United States(US), while the few minority officers who join large forces, soon succumb to the culture of profiling their own people as possible offenders under a peer pressure scheme to honor the police code as a higher responsibility than that of service to the community and upholding equal protection under the law.

Toward the Safeguard and the Rescue of Children of Conflicts

All ongoing conflicts are inhumane, unfair and unjust not alone in their executions, but more so based upon the identity of the actual victims of the violence - the children. 

As a result, humanity has been failing millions of children from Syria to Yemen, to Iraq, to Central Africa Republic, to Nigeria, to Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Libya and elsewhere. While aid agencies and humanitarian groups have stretched and extended assistance to many child victims and other civilians, not enough children are being saved.

The Hope and the Reality for Peace on this World Peace Day 2016

Today is the United Nations(UN) declared International Day of Peace. 

On this day, we hope that ceasefires will be adopted, be sustained and be honored in all conflict zones. We also hope on this special day for the safe and the unimpeded humanitarian delivery of aid to all who are desperately in need from Syria, to Iraq, to Yemen, to Libya, to South Sudan, to the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Nigeria, to Central Africa Republic, to Ukraine, to Ethiopia, to Haiti, to Venezuela and wherever else human beings might be in need.