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July 2016

...and so it is...

That on this 16th day of July, 2016, things are the way they are wherever humankind live - apprehensively secure, affected but resilient, at a cross roads, in conflict, hungry and displaced; whatever the conditions, they are not optimum for the ideal human environment.

Humankind is endowed with the gift of critical thinking through which many advances have been accomplished. Hence, the present hours, days, weeks, months and years,  should continue to uplift and to free the human spirit with more advances in spite of, and amid, current conditions and events.

Carnage in Nice - another Reality of the Dangers Amid the Free

That a 31-year-old loser would have the gall to plow a truck for more than a mile though a human sea of live bodies killing some 84 and leaving another 50 close to death yesterday in Nice, France, during celebrations for Bastille Day, is another sad tragedy of the reality of lurking dangers among societies of the free.

Moreover, that this Franco-Tunisian perpetrator, Mohamad Lahouaiej Bouhel, could complete such a heinous crime upon a society that his fed, clothed and housed him as well as to provide him with comfort, is yet another reality that serves as stark warning to communities that they need to report more of what they are observing in order to wipe future examples of such carnage.

Humanity, Hope, Equality and Peace - Conflicts, Inequality, Displacements and Wars

I'm dreaming of equality and peace for humankind filled with hope and civil acts of kindness toward all peoples. I'm discouraging conflicts, inequality, displacements and wars.

However, what I may dream might not become reality. Whatever I discourage might come true. Yet, I pray for the best for our planet and for our people. 

As I approach a well needed break from the analyses of humankind's actions, I'm hoping for non eventful days of peace and serenity. As I grow closer to a break from work, I'm hoping that no event will occur that would be severe enough to force me back to work.

International Law v. China's Expansion

That the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague, Netherlands, has found that China has no historical title to the lion's share of the South China Sea and that China had pierced the sovereignty of the Philippines and that China  had also damaged the ecosystem of reefs on the South China Sea, must then serve as notice of guilt of China's expansionist actions in Southeast Asia. 

Yet, China has determined the ruling of an International Law court to be a "puppet" ruling from a body influenced by those whom it alleges wants to stir up trouble in the region.

A Triumph to International Law: a Blow to China - an Arbitration Court Rules on the South China Sea

In an explicit ruling against Chinese expansion and claims on the South China Sea, the Permanent Court of Arbitration, at The Hague, Netherlands, has ruled that China has no historic title over the South China Sea - a claim that China has uttered to justify its erection of islands from atolls, rocks and reefs, in the vast resource-rich sea, where there are competing claims from the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Vietnam.

In a victory for the Philippines which had brought the case against China back in 2013, the Arbitration Court earlier today also ruled that China breached the sovereignty of the Philippines with the actions China took to block Filipinos from the Scarborough Shoal.

...not lost in discussion: Racial Violence must End across America

The ambush-sniper shooting death of five law enforcement personnel in Dallas, Texas, last week, was tragic, reprehensible and worthy of utter condemnation and rejection. Yet, not lost in discussion that triggered the Dallas tragedy were recent episodes to the systematic killing of minority - mainly Black males by white police across America, the problem of racial violence.

Dallas would not have happened had there not been episode after episode of Black men dying at the hands of white police officers from New York, to Missouri, to Minnesota, to Louisiana, to California, to Ohio, to Florida and beyond.

The Caution of America Brought to Wrought by Racial Violence and Protests

At least three nations are cautioning their citizens about travel in the United States(US) following the police killings of two Black men and the ensuing protests and attack upon law enforcement in Dallas, Texas.

The Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas issued an advisory about US travel last Friday, according to the Associated Press(AP), saying young men especially should "exercise extreme caution in affected cities in their interactions with the police." 

Two Black men were slain in the cities of St.

The Causes of Vicious and Calculated Acts of Violence are Rooted in Injustice

The recent Dallas,Texas, ambush upon law enforcement personnel by a sniper that killed five officers and wounded seven and two civilians, should be denounced. Such attacks have no place in civil society since they promote anarchy and amount to a mass failing of humanity.

Similarly, the systematic acts of violence  against minorities across America perpetrated by law enforcement must be also condemned because the practice spreads vicious and calculated violence across many communities.

Hence, since injustice and racial violence cause and spread vicious and calculated acts of violence upon law enforcement in revenge for an original act of violence, then racial violence by police must end in order to stop wider acts of vicious and calculated violence.

Racial Violence Precipitates More Vicious and Calculated Violence

Racial violence cultivates, harbors and precipitates more vicious and calculated violence that could run perpetually unless the unjust practice is ended.

During a peaceful Dallas, Texas, protest rally yesterday against this week's racial killing of two Black men by white police officers in the state of Minnesota and in the state of Louisiana, vicious calculating snipers shot five cops dead and injured another seven, plus two protesters, in a stark incident of violence.

While investigations continue into the Dallas incident, reports indicate that peaceful protesters to the recent deadly racial killings of Black men by law enforcement, were interrupted by ambushing snipers, who opened fire on the Dallas city and transit police, killing five and injuring seven.

Two More Blights upon America - Police Kill Two More Black Men

Let me begin by being very explicit and terse: justice must be served in all matters and especially in the matters involving the killing of innocent Black men in the United States(US) by white police officers.

There have been far too many of these incidents where Black lives are fallen by policemen, who often walk away with little or no punishment for the crimes of murder. 

Two recent incidents including the overnight shooting death of 32-year-old Philando Castile by police in St Paul, Minnesota, underscore the blight America still carries worldwide in respect to race relations.