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June 2016

An Eastern Link to Istanbul's Terror

Turkish sources have identified a Kyrgyzstani, an Uzbekistani and a Russian as the perpetrators of Tuesday's deadly shooting and suicide attack upon Ataturk Airport, Istanbul, Turkey. 

The confirmation of three foreigners as the terrorists hailing from nations east of Turkey and from the Caucacus region of Russia, underscores a degree of cross nation cooperation, coordination and training by terrorists capable of assembling a death squad from three countries - Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Terror in Istanbul - another Attack upon Freedom and Civility

Three suicide shooters and eventual bombers attacked Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul, Turkey, yesterday, killing 41 people and injuring 239. The deadly act of violence upon the especially artistic and young people of Istanbul, affirms the reason why terrorism and its fallible ideology must be rejected, denounced and destroyed by all demographics of society.

That the suicide attackers would attack the 11th busiest airport in the world which handled some 61.8 million passengers last year and which bears the name of the 'father' of the Turks, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and which is located in the youthful and vibrant artistic city of Istanbul, clearly underscores the heartless, spineless, vulgar and selfish violent nature of extremism.

Brexit - a Victory for Politicians with Non-Regional Agendas

Nigel Farage, a Member of the European Parliament for South East England and an extraordinary supporter of the United Kingdom(UK) leaving the European Union(EU), spoke before the European Parliament earlier today. His address to the continental body underscored the confusion some Brits, vulnerable to information from politicians with determined non-regional agendas, might have had in voting to exit the EU.

Farage, who has been a member of the European Parliament since 1999, taunted the body of laughs he received 17 years ago when he said the UK would leave.

Brexit - Consequences of an Action

The consequences of the United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union(UK) are still being felt as global financial markets remain volatile with the British Pound trading lower against other currencies. 

Yet, these initial consequences that have seen billions of dollars erased from personal wealth in less than a week because of the United Kingdom(UK) voting to leave the EU last week, might just be the beginning of an unknown financial health for the UK. 

The proponents and the leaders behind the UK's push to exit the EU appear hopeless and unprepared to deal with the cascade of consequences set in motion from what they advocated and gained by pulling the UK out of the EU.

Brexit - a Decision Made on Incomplete or Misinformation?

Evidence is surfacing which suggests that many voters in Great Britain voted to leave the European Union(EU) on incomplete or misinformation. Hence, some form or recourse could be in order to remedy the recent rush to judgment for an exit from the EU.

A report in theWashington Postyesterday offers more than sufficient evidence to infer that some Brits didn't have a darn clue as to what they were really voting against. TheWashington Postarticle, written by Rick Noack, focused on the debacle of the county of non-wealthy, Cornwall, where 56 percent of residents voted to leave the EU in spite of the fact that EU subsidies totaling $82 million yearly for the past decade have been the bread and butter to Cornwall's infrastructure and educational programs funding.

Brexit - To Accept a Cast into the Unknown

There have been no celebrations of any epic proportions to celebrate the exit camp's victory to pull Great Britain out of the European Union(EU) nor to celebrate a new "independence day". Rather, there appear to be a stunned aftershock of the actions taken by the majority in Great Britain to vote to leave the large economic pact.

Whatever the after effects, voters of the United Kingdom(UK) have committed the nation to face an unknown and uncharted future outside of one of the most trading blocks on earth.

Brexit - a New Independence for England, or a Constriction of Influence?

Now that the British people have shocked the world  and financial markets with their decision yesterday at referendum to exit the European Union(EU), a question now arises as to whether or not the nationalistic stand by voters amount to a new independence for England, as has been hinted by a leave proponent, or whether or not the vote affirms a wider constriction of British influence since the bygone days of empire?

A new independence or not, a constriction of influence or not, the British people have had they say and the decision by the majority of the electorate must be respected.

After the Referendum Vote: the Task to Unity in Great Britain

By this time tomorrow, the result of Great Britain's s referendum to remain or to exit the European Union(EU) should be known. 

After the known decision that declares winner to the side with the majority votes of the eligible 49,499,537 people, the British people must then confront the arduous endeavor of forging national unity out of a fractured society with wide varying beliefs of their nation's association with the EU.

The greater task to unity within Great Britain would fall upon the non prevailing side of the referendum.

The Forthcoming British Decision - to Remain or to Exit the European Union

In less than 24-hours, the people of Great Britain will go to the polls in referendum to vote either to stay or to exit the European Union(EU). In spite of the many opinions and arguments rendered for or against remaining in the EU, the ultimate decision rests with the British people and their understanding of economic collectivity tempered against narrow nationalism. 

Born a subject of the former British Empire via its colonization of Barbados, in the Caribbean, I've always harbored a profound respect for British values and culture.

65 Million Displaced - an Appalling Fact of Humanity

That a Global Trends report admits 65 million people displaced since the end of 2015 must underscore the appalling status of humanity into 2016. More stark should be the realization that that number could increase by 10 percent this year, if current trends and conflicts do not end.

The United Nations Refugee Agency(UNHCR) included this dismal fact of humanity yesterday in a report on Global Trends to mark Wold Refugee Day. The 65.3 million people displaced represent the first time since WWII that the 60 million mark has been crossed in terms on human displacement.