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May 2016

Education Amid the Crises of Humanity

From earthquakes in Nepal, Japan and Ecuador; to conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Ukraine, South Sudan and elsewhere; to deepening events of hunger in Ethiopia and elsewhere; along with growing concerns of instability in Uganda, Zimbabwe, the Congo, Venezuela, Peru, the South China Sea and elsewhere, humanity faces many crises.

Along with the obvious effects of conflicts, hunger and general instability, humanity must now address the daunting task of providing educational support for 476 million children, who live in 35 crisis-affected countries, according to the United States(US) Department of State, USAID and UNICEF.

We Remember the Fallen - that their Sacrifice May Not Have Been in Vain

In memory of all those fallen in service of the United States of America(USA), we honor and we salute you, this Memorial Day 2016.

That your your sacrifice may not have been in vain; freedom, liberty, equality and the rule of law must be sustained as a global rallying cry of all peoples. Wherever humankind live, it should be resolved that freedom must reign from the monuments of Washington, DC, to the great halls of London, to the theaters of Paris, to the traditions of Rome, to the streets of Berlin, to the rooms of Brussels, to neighborhoods of Ottawa, to the people of Mexico and beyond.

Deaths in Search of Solace - the Peril of Migrants on the Mediterranean in the Past Week

That the desperately displaced would not be hindered by any obstacle in their search for solace and for comfort is clearly exemplified by the risk taken by migrants in the Middle East and in North Africa in their attempts to reach European soil.

Last week, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency(UNHCR), some 700 migrants perished in three shipwrecks on the Mediterranean Sea, south of Italy, while another 13,000 migrants were rescued in the week signaling an increase of activity on the seas during better weather conditions in late Spring.

To Feed the Masses - toward Ending World Hunger

That 795 million people worldwide do not have enough food to eat is more than sufficient evidence for humanity to continue and to improve all efforts to feed the world's hungry and end world hunger. 

That 60 percent of those hungry are women - the bearers of all new and sustaining life, is even more preposterous. Moreover, that hunger kills more people than AIDS, Malaria and TB combine demands immediate and radical intervention to feed all the world's people on all the continents.

Therefore on this May 28, 2016, World Hunger Day, each and every individual should resolve to help end world hunger.

The Curse of a Bad Social Environment - Suffering and Premature Death

The social and natural environments into which people are born are determinants of potentials and of realizations of talents.

While the natural environment is the major factor effecting  health and livelihood, if the social environment is non nurtured, then, suffering culminating in premature death awaits an organism. In non nurturing circumstances, organisms, including humans - are denied the basic opportunities and the mechanisms to ever realizing full potential of life. 

Stephen Goodridge, 50, died in the night of May 25, 2016, on the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Toward the End of Nuclear Proliferation

Nuclear armaments served a specific and a particular purpose at a then needed time in a bygone era. The difficult use of the weapons brought to a close an episode of war that could have consumed many more lives had the weapons not been used. The purpose was fulfilled.

Today, in this era of a global economy dominated by international trade and commerce, cooperation between states and pacts between sovereign nations under the umbrella of the United Nations(UN), all signal that the time of nuclear proliferation has expired.

To Hope, to Cope and to Adapt - to Overcome

Hope is never a dangerous thing like some might assume out of fear of failing to realize things hoped. Rather, hope is the aspiration that allows millions of people to cope with conflicts and adversaries in order to adapt to inevitable changes on the way to success and to victory on the behalf of all humanity and as an example to the many now dreaming.

Like the son of a Kenyan student and an American Midwesterner who has ascended to the Presidency of the United States of America(USA); like the son of Barbadian immigrants who became Attorney General of the US; like the former Moroccan shepherd girl who now sits as France's Minister of Education; like the son of a Muslim bus driver and seamstress who is now Mayor of London; and many other examples, international hope has always been kept alive.

Toward Redemption - to Reclaim Humanity's Honor from Failings

That 45 million children live in conflict zones each day is a failing of humanity. That four schools or hospitals are attacked or occupied by armed groups everyday, is another failing of humanity. That 45 percent of deaths in children under five are attributed to under nutrition, is yet another failing of humanity. 

Therefore, humanity needs to redeem its failings and to set straight the circumstances that provoke and sustain attacks upon humanity.

As the inaugural World Humanitarian Summit comes to a close in Istanbul, Turkey, the many and various humanitarian groups from UNICEF to Oxfam to the United Nations Refugee Agency to the World Food Programme and the many others, are tasked with the tremendous charity of attempting to protect and to safeguard the lives of increasing millions of people, including children from Africa to the Middle East to Asia to Europe and to the Americas.

A New Chapter Opens in Asia - Better Relations with a Former Foe

United States(US) President Barack Obama's visit to Vietnam has confirmed a better relation with an old foe. The visit has opened new chapter for greater western influence in southeast Asia at a time when China is flexing its new found strength and claiming large swaths of sea and land territory.

The better US-Vietnam partnership, cemented by the announcement from the US that it has ended an arms embargo against Vietnam, could become a security stabilizer for both Vietnam and other southeast Asia nations that are worried over Chinese actions on the South China Sea.

The Decline of the IS and the Rejection of a Call to Violence

Evidence of the the decline of the Islamic State(IS) is underscored by the reduced numbers of western youths daring to travel to Syria to join the extremists, the pay cut the violent group has asked its waning fighters to accept and by the frantic and desperate suicide bombings the group's leadership has recently carried out in and around Baghdad, Iraq. 

Moreover, continued International Coalition attacks upon the violent extremists in Iraq and in Syria, have succeeded in reducing the IS numbers and its capital.