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Rejection of a Russian Claim about Syrian Sovereignty

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, whose government snatched Crimea from Ukraine two years ago, and released fighters in eastern Ukraine to aid rebels fighting sovereign Ukraine, has alleged that the United States(US) deployment of special forces to Syria, violates Syria's sovereignty.

Citing a Tass News Agency report earlier today, Reuters said Ryabkov claimed that in failing to coordinate the deployment with Damascus, the US has violated Syrian sovereignty.

But the Russian official's allegation is baseless for in exacting the genocide of 250,000 Syrians including children, women and the elderly, in a civil war over the past five-years; the Bashar al Assad's regime has lost all sovereignty over Syria. 

In allowing thousands of terrorists to harbor in Syria from which they have carried out repeated attacks against the free world, including Europe and the US, the Assad regime has lost sovereignty over Syria. 

In preventing medicines and humanitarian aid from reaching thousands of starving and dying Syrians, the Assad regime has lost all sovereignty over Syria. 

In displacing millions of Syrians to refugee camps in the lands of neighbors and to the borders of Europe thereby creating a human crisis, the Assad regime has lost all sovereignty over Syria. 

In allowing Russia to bring jets into Syria to bomb civilians, the Assad regime has lost all sovereignty over Syria.

Therefore, Russian claims of any US violation of Syria's sovereignty must be rejected and they must be taken as yet other criticisms of the application of humanitarian will to remedy an escalating violent episode in the lives of the Syrian people.