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April 2016

The Sorrows, Bombs and Killings of Aleppo: more Crimes of a bad War

Airstrikes by the regime and its allies upon rebel held areas of Aleppo, Syria, in the past seven days, have killed 123 civilians including 18 children. The sorrows of these killings of innocents by bombs have occurred while a February 27, ceasefire between the warring parties, has been in placed. Thus, Aleppo is indicative of the grievous crimes of war and of the need to put an end to raw the violence that continues to kill many innocents in the Levant.

In reporting the civilian deaths in rebel areas in Aleppo, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Friday,  as cited by Reuters, revealed that some 71 civilians and 13 children were similarly killed by rebel shelling into government held areas of the city during the same period.

Rejection of a Russian Claim about Syrian Sovereignty

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, whose government snatched Crimea from Ukraine two years ago, and released fighters in eastern Ukraine to aid rebels fighting sovereign Ukraine, has alleged that the United States(US) deployment of special forces to Syria, violates Syria's sovereignty.

Citing a Tass News Agency report earlier today, Reuters said Ryabkov claimed that in failing to coordinate the deployment with Damascus, the US has violated Syrian sovereignty.

But the Russian official's allegation is baseless for in exacting the genocide of 250,000 Syrians including children, women and the elderly, in a civil war over the past five-years; the Bashar al Assad's regime has lost all sovereignty over Syria.

The Assad Factor Blocks Real Chances to Peace in Syria

Air strikes by the Bashar al Assad regime upon the city of Aleppo, Syria, overnight, have struck a Doctors Without Borders Hospital -  killing children, staff and patients. 

According to a Reuters report earlier this morning, the 27 killed in the rebel held area hospital, included three children along with the city's last pediatrician, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was cited as confirming.

Some 61 people have died in air strikes by the Assad regime on Aleppo in the past 24 hours and this up tick in violence across Syria, in spite of an in placed ceasefire forged on February 27, affirms that the Bashar al Assad factor in Syria stands as a real impediment to any peace in the Levant.

Venezuelan Energy Woes - Indicative of Failed Resource Management

Energy rich Venezuela is experiencing an electricity crisis. The oil-wealthy South American country has started daily four-hour blackouts across the nation in a bid to save energy. Also, President Nicolas Maduro has slashed the working hours of public employees to two-days a week - Mondays and Tuesdays.

While critics have denounced Maduro's plan as non-effective arguing that employees would stay home and watch television and use air conditioners, thus consuming energy rather than saving it, Venezuela's energy crisis represents a clear failure of proper management of the nation's large energy resources.

Turkey's New Constitution: Secular or Religious - the Debate is Open

Turkey is in the midst of writing a new Constitution. Whether the NATO member builds upon and enhances the traits of a secular government that have contributed to its rise over the years, or should it adopt a religious national law, are the two options at the forefront of deciding Turkey's form of government over the coming years.

Although Turkey, a mainly Muslim nation, remains very religious, since 1924 and the rule of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Turkey has been widely regarded as a model secular democratic country.

Erdogan's Thin Skin: an Impediment to Turkey's Realization of International Influence

If Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan continues in his beliefs that he is non reproachable and undeserving of criticism, then he imperils the Turkish people's attainment of full influence on the international stage. 

Thus far, inside Turkey and within the European Union(EU), Erdogan has garnished much criticism for his clampdown on free speech in Turkey and his restrictions upon independent media expressions. In Europe he has asked the German government to prosecute a German comedian for criticizing him, while his authorities in Turkey have detained a European journalist who criticized him in her writings in the Netherlands.

The Deepening Descent of Erdogan's Turkey into Authoritarianism

Bloating and gloating with a sense of urgent need by the European Union(EU) to solve its migrant crisis, Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan has been abuzz in attempts to silent his critics in an aim to exact his authoritarian rule over the NATO strategic country.

Thin-skinned when it comes to dealing with criticism, Erdogan has recently asked that the German government prosecute a comedian who poked fun of him on German soil. Bowing to an old law, German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government deferred Erdogan's request to the prosecutors and courts of Germany.

In Honor of Prince - a Superstar Artist

Prince, the superstar musician, entertainer and artist, died on Thursday, April 21, 2016, at Paisley Park, his suburban estate about 20-miles outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was 57. 

Born Prince Rogers Nelson, June 07, 1958, to a musician father and a singer mother, Prince captivated audiences across all races and music genres with his electrifying performances of popular songs including "Purple Rain", When Doves Cry", "Red Corvette" among many others. He won seven Grammy Awards, an Oscar for Best Original Music Score for Purple Rain in 1985, Golden Globe, ASCAP, BET and Brit awards for his works.

An Opportunity for Nations to Save Planet Earth

Later today, at the United Nations(UN) headquarters in New York City, 170 nations will take a formidable step to save Planet Earth from the debilitating effects of climate change, when they sign the historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change aimed at reducing global warming, sea level rises and other climatic events.

So it is fitting that on this Earth Day, 2016, nations of men and of women will meet to ratify an agreement concerning the long term health of Planet Earth. The Paris Agreement, completed last December, holds hope to keeping global temperatures under a two degrees Celsius(3.

To Reduce Disaster Deaths in Developing Countries - the Greater Incorporation of Technology in Building

The Ring of Fire -  along which path major earthquakes struck Japan and Ecuador last week, serves as a real life  reminder of the pressing need for nations exposed to natural disasters to strengthen the incorporation of technology in building as a means to reducing human casualties when earthquakes, volcano eruptions and tsunamis, occur.

Stretching from New Zealand to Polynesia, to Japan, to Alaska and along the entire stretch of the western coast of the Americas, the Ring of Fire - an active tectonic zone that houses 95 percent of the world's earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis, serves as proof of Earth's perpetual geological changes.