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Note to Syria's Children XII


Dear Children, that humanity has failed you is an understatement of the experiences you have had to endure for the past five years. Your peers, parents, relatives and associates have been killed in excess of 250,000; thousands more have been maimed physically and mentally for life and millions have been displaced from their homes with some relegated to existence in rain-soaked fields of Europe - all statistics of the Syrian war. 

Yet, many of you have remained resolute in your childhood beliefs of hope, of fairness, of equality and of self determination to nationhood. You must be commended for your strengths. In my last note to you, Friday, October 23, 2015, I encouraged you to "Love humanity in spite of its failing you" and I challenged you to embrace freedom and the rule of law. You have endured great tribulations and trials, while performing above expectations. I salute you.

However, in as much as I dream of a day when I could join you in declaring and celebrating your freedom and your peace, today, there is no festival for you - your peace has not been won. Humanity owes you peace and solace and in as much as it is written, it shall come to past. 

On this day of continued celebration by us who are free, we accept and indulge in our freedom but mindful of your exploits and your sufferings and yet, we pledge to continue to do whatever we can to press the powers that be to safeguard your deserved freedom and your earned peace. Amen!