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March 2016

Migration, Radicalization or Starvation - Limited Choices Facing Too Many People

Safe and far away from living in conflict zones, many privileged  people criticize the stark options taken by displaced people in their efforts to find solace. 

To migrate, to become radicalized or to starve to death, are choices those unfamiliar with conflict and suffering view as far fetched realities. But inside conflict zones, these options become forced realities for millions of people. Many must accept one of these options as they are faced with the acute horror of their dire current affairs.

A Five-Month Life and Starvation Death of a Yemeni Infant - Another Failing of Humanity

Udai Faisal -  five-months-old, died in Yemen on March 24, 2016. Sunken-eyed with a skeletal-body, he vomited yellow fluid from his nose and mouth and stopped breathing. Udai Faisal did not cry, there were no tears. He died of starvation - of severe acute malnutrition that drains withering fragile bodies of all symptoms of life. He weighed just five-pounds. He was born in war and he died a victim of a gross humanitarian failing that has taken hold of these modern times. 

From Syria to Yemen to Sudan to South Sudan and elsewhere, there are conflicts and victims - including many innocent children, who are falling prey to the results of war.

Note to Syria's Children XII


Dear Children, that humanity has failed you is an understatement of the experiences you have had to endure for the past five years. Your peers, parents, relatives and associates have been killed in excess of 250,000; thousands more have been maimed physically and mentally for life and millions have been displaced from their homes with some relegated to existence in rain-soaked fields of Europe - all statistics of the Syrian war. 

Yet, many of you have remained resolute in your childhood beliefs of hope, of fairness, of equality and of self determination to nationhood.

Full Condemnation of an Easter Sunday Attack upon Christianity in Pakistan

A faction of the Pakistani Taliban that has pledged loyalty to the Islamic State(IS) has claimed responsibility for a vile suicide attack upon Christians in Lahore, Pakistan, on Easter Sunday. In the violent bombing at a popular park, 70 people were killed -  including 29 children, and more than 300 injured as many had gathered in celebration of Easter.

The Pakistani government has condemned the attack and has since carried out numerous raids in and around Punjab province, Pakistan's wealthiest, seeking militants and extremists of the group, Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, which has now claimed responsibility for five bombings in Pakistan since last December.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate and here's to the opportunity at redemption that a Son's sacrifice could offer salvation to the human race. 

Peace to all of you. May the caring compassion of humanity stay with each and everyone of you to the end of your days. Amen!

Civil Protest over Violence

The notion that violence is the only means of achieving beneficial social and political change is fallible, thus wrong. History has proved from era to era that change exacted through violence is plagued with complications and stagnation of real life prosperity when it is gained through the sword. The rise of the communists in Russia, China and North Korea, are examples.

However, peaceful civil protest by the people as an alternative to the use of the cult of violence, appears to offer a greater hope and a more enduring effectiveness to beneficial change rather than any resort to violence.

A Call to Would-be Terrorists - Surrender!

Today we issue a call to any and to all potential and/or would-be terrorists living among the free to surrender - to abandon all vile thoughts and actions of jihad among the free and to turn themselves into authorities.

Terror can never win. The fallible ideology used to corrupt the perspectives of many marginal and disgruntled persons, remains tragically flawed. Any violent actions of terror upon the said societies that have fed, clothed, housed and safeguarded all residents of varying race, color and religion, are tragic and a sin in the eyes of God.

Potential Terrorists in Free Societies

That people granted solace, residence, protection and due process in free societies would execute deadly violence upon the communities that have housed and fed them, is stark and perplexing. Yet, in all the recent terrorist attacks upon free societies, this pattern of treason has been repeated.

Terrorists and their facilitators have unknowingly circulated freely in western nations and the daunting task before security personnel has always been identification of potential assailants. Yet, with careful psychological analyses and stellar radicalization profile builders, these perpetrators could be identified.

Condemnation of the Brussels Terror

The civil world stands today and has condemned yesterday's terror attacks on Brussels, Belgium. From the United States(US), to France, to Great Britain, to Italy, to France, to Canada and beyond, free people have condemned the cowardly acts upon the freedom and upon the tranquility of Belgium.

As the global community demonstrates solidarity with Belgium in the fight against terror and mourns the death of 30 and the injuring of some 250, it should be highlighted that alienation and under-investment are not necessary precursors to radicalization and terror.

Bombings in Brussels - Evidence of an Enemy Still Lurking Within

Bombings earlier this morning in Brussels, Belgium, have claimed 28 lives thus far at the airport and at a metro train station close to the institutions of the European Union(EU). Injuries could run in the hundreds. These attacks underscore the fateful realization that Belgium is fighting an enemy that still lurks within its borders and an enemy that has now transcended the borders of the continent having scarred Paris, France, last year.

Authorities have closed all subways in Brussels and the city is on lock down since smoke was detected close to the headquarters of the EU.