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...On the Syrian Refugees and Europe

Threescore and eleven-years-ago, the people of Europe were liberated from the genocidal wrought of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. Today, thousands of Syrian refugees -  trapped in and between those said liberated fields of Europe, beg for solace and for comfort from the tribulations of Bashar al Assad's war. 

While some European Union(EU) partners seek to fulfill their humanitarian obligations to housing people in need, some skeptics from Hungary to Austria, appear to want to pass on or to reduce their duties to humankind. As reported by the Associated Press(AP) earlier today, some destination countries for migrants are moving to unilaterally restrict new migrants onto their lands, while others fear getting stuck with more in-transit migrants, have started their own actions against the influx of new migrants hereby showing little concern for coordination with other EU nations.

Financially stretched Greece faces a gargantuan task everyday in dealing with Syrian refugees entering from Turkey. Greece has fretted with some EU partners including Hungary, Macedonia and Austria that have severely tightened their borders, thus proportioning larger numbers of migrants into Greece. Earlier today, Greece recalled its ambassador to Austria over this said migrant crisis.

Europe's migrant crisis should not be shouldered more by Greece than by any other EU state. Germany did an admirable representation processing over one million refugees last year. France, Great Britain and the Nordic states have all pledged to help. Yet, there are states within the EU not helping enough with the migrant crisis, thus supporting the rumor that the refugee question is creating friction within the EU.

The EU is a sound economic pact. Its members should be made aware of their humanitarian duties as part of the privileges of membership into the union. Any nation that willingly leaves the EU for not wanting to assist in the refugee crisis, will come to economic hardship within a short period of time. 

Therefore, EU mainstays France and Germany should insist upon full compliance and cooperation from all members in weathering and solving Europe's humanitarian obligation.