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The Continuing Exposure of People to Conflicts - the Fallible Rationale for a Recent War

Russia has been able to bomb opposition forces as well as civilian installations - including schools and hospitals, in Syria -  in full support of the tyrant Bashar al Assad, and without fear of reprisal from the West because  of the fallible rationale for the Iraq war that toppled Saddam Hussein that has left a restricted and indecisive policy in place in the West as to whether or not to rescue persecuted people.

Until the hesitant and the "wait and see" policy to war and to the humanitarian rescue of millions of people is changed in the West, Russia, China, North Korea and others will continue to act as they deem fit without any fear of military reprisals from the West. Economic sanctions appear to only slow, but not to prevent, the eventual actions of those acting outside the norms of the civil international community.

That the reasons given to justify the Iraq war have proved fallible should never be enough hesitate and to prolong ten thousands of people to insecurity, violence, starvation, homelessness, statelessness and death from the Levant and the Middle East to Africa and to Asia.

What's done in Iraq has been done. The continued persecution of thousands in Syria and elsewhere demand decisive political and military answers. Russia and Bashar al Assad should not be allowed to continue to assault innocents in Syria. The recent events of attacks upon hospitals and a school in Syria demand a matching defense of the innocents in the region by the West.