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Of People - their Ideals, Hopes and Plans and the Impediments that Deny Fulfillment

Of the people born outside of the gentry, outside of the aristocracy, outside of the nobility and outside of the privileged and the wealthy, what recourse is left to them after their ideals, hopes and plans become impeded by the variables of politics, economics, culture and religion?

Often, it has proved difficult to rid the mind of all the retching images of the sufferings of the people and the injustices they continue to endure within Syria, which has witnessed more than 250,000 people killed in a stupid war and the further demise of life of many escapees via the sea, as they flee horror in search of comfort. Unpalatable images of starvation and the mangled lifeless bodies of children pulled from bombed buildings underscore the failings of humanity in the Levant. 

Death and starvation await those who remain in Syria and the perils of the Aegean Sea await those fleeing by boat. Those lucky enough to reach Europe face discrimination and scorn. Then, what recourse is left to the people? To fight? And if so, with what? And on what front? 

Many people within the Levant have had their ideals, hopes and plans side-swiped by the violence of war. Explicit impediments stand in the way to re-starting life. A concrete course of action is therefore required as soon as possible to fix Syria and to avoid the violent plaguing of free nations.