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February 2016

Toward Building and Developing Institutions of the People for the People in Syria

The people of Syria  should move fast to peace and not become smothered in temporary truces and in any lengthy and drawn out processes to peace. 

The basic perimeters to peace are already in place and exterior pressures from Russia to prolong Bashar al Assad's length of stay in Damascus must be rebutted on the explicit grounds that Assad's presence spells strife, conflict, death, insecurity and division in the Levant.

Therefore, Syrians must not delay peace. They should not accept any peace as being temporary. Rather, Syrians must move ahead with international guidance and assistance to build and develop institutions designed to serve and to govern the people by people. It is within these institutions that good governance of the people could be achieved and where protection from the events of the last five years could be installed.

From a Fragile Peace to a Hopeful Assad-less Reconstruction in Syria

Now that most of the guns have fallen silent across Syria, all efforts to sustain the peace should made by all the parties to the conflict with a goal in mind to spearheading a long and costly reconstruction of an Assad-free Syria. 

The sooner attention is paid to crucial rebuilding efforts that will be needed across Syria, then the majority of the parties must recognize the relevance of proceeding to reconstruction without Bashar al Assad. Any inclusion of Assad in the rebuilding efforts of Syria - based upon his role in creating the present destruction that has killed 250,000 people and displaced millions, would cast Syria into a perpetual state of chaos and conflict that would threaten to transcend to the entire Levant on a scale greater than that of the last five-years.

Peace has Come to Syria

A fragile already violated cessation of hostilities in Syria's war has now come into effect. Upon this delicate balance between war and peace hedges the memorials and the lives of millions of Syrians - those killed, those displaced and those emotionally and physically scarred under the wrath of war.

Yet, this morning's image in Syria of war-victim boys kicking a tattered soccer ball against a grayish background of bombed out and bullet scarred buildings, serves as a reminder of the destructive reality of war and its possible hopes of peace.

Just Hours Remain to a Forged Peace in Syria

Just hours remain before a forged cessation of hostilities is implemented in Syria. With the advent of this temporary ceasefire, Syria could experience a peace on a scale that it has known witnessed in five-years - a sigh of relief, comfort and hope that is fittingly and desperately desired by those internally displaced  and cut off from normalcy by military siege.

At midnight Syrian-time, the guns of some 100 armed opposition factions across Syria as well as those of the Bashar al Assad regime, are to fall silent as part of a United States(US)- Russia agreement for the temporary cessation of hostilities.

...On the Syrian Refugees and Europe

Threescore and eleven-years-ago, the people of Europe were liberated from the genocidal wrought of Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. Today, thousands of Syrian refugees -  trapped in and between those said liberated fields of Europe, beg for solace and for comfort from the tribulations of Bashar al Assad's war. 

While some European Union(EU) partners seek to fulfill their humanitarian obligations to housing people in need, some skeptics from Hungary to Austria, appear to want to pass on or to reduce their duties to humankind.

Could Syria's Peace be Extended to all Parties?

Now that the Syrian opposition and the Bashar al Assad regime have accepted the United States(US)-Russia plan toward a ceasefire in the five-year-old Syrian civil war, did the bargaining powers forego an opportunity for full peace by not extending an olive branch to all the warring groups in Syria?

When the clock strikes midnight across Syria on Friday, a cessation of hostilities is expected to begin in the Syrian conflict. However, no militia designated as a terrorist group by the United Nations(UN) Security Council, is not covered by the plan.

Peace in Syria to Begin Saturday, but with Conditions

The Syrian regime and the Syrian opposition have accepted a United States(US)-Russian agreement to a cessation in hostilities in the Syrian civil war set to begin this Saturday, February 27, 2016, but with conditions.

And with the acceptance of the regime and the opposition to a ceasefire in Syria, the hopes, the lives and the aspirations of tens of thousands of Syrians could be set back into motion toward a dull measure of normalcy.

However, conditions attached to the agreement by both the regime and the opposition could re-ignite hostilities.

A Renewal of Hope in Syria is Still Fraught with Uncertainty and the Threat of Violence

The announcement from United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry of a provisional agreement in principle on the terms of a cessation of hostilities in Syria that could begin in a couple of days, was not received with as much enthusiasm as it would have been accepted a year ago. 

For in as much as millions of people desire and pray for a peace in Syria, the reality of conditions and the scope of the civil war seem to hold out little prospect for peace, especially since Russia joined the conflict last year on the behalf of the Bashar al Assad regime.

A Renewal of Hope in Syria - an Agreement to the Terms of Peace

United States(US) Secretary of State John Kerry has announced  an agreement with his Russian counterpart of a provisional agreement on terms of a cessation of hostilities in Syria. And with Secretary Kerry's proclamation, a breath of hope has been resurrected in Syria, where the five-year conflict has killed more than 250,000 people and has driven millions of displaced people from their homes into refugee camps in neighboring lands and in search of comfort toward the borders of Europe.

Though the agreement does not guarantee peace, it offers a framework unto the conflict parties for a ceasefire and eventual peace.

The British Retention in the European Union(EU)

The European Union(EU) and the United Kingdom(UK) have reached a deal that would keep the British in the continental union should its people concur with the Prime Minister David Cameron, in referendum, June 23.

Cameron supports Great Britain's retention in a reformed EU that would allow his country to stay on the sidelines should other EU members seek a closer integration. He leads the call for continued British membership in the EU in the June 23 referendum. Justice Secretary Michael Grove  heads the anti-EU faction.