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To Accept Assad in Syria into 2017 - to Compromise the Principles of Humanity

Humanity is a constant. It must remain constant. It is not a tool to be adjusted or compromised based upon individual cases. Humanity remains a constant from continent to continent, from region to region, from state to state, from people to people.

Therefore, to accept any likelihood that Bashar al Assad could remain in Damascus into 2017,  would be to accept a compromise of humanity; to turn a blind eye upon the 250,000 plus deaths of the Syrian war; to forego justice to thousands of gassed children, women and civilians killed by Assad's regime; and to confirm to skeptics that western governments are hypocrites. 

If it is true, according to an Associated Press(AP) report, that Washington is prepared to accept the retention of Assad in Syria beyond the Presidency of Barack Obama, well into 2017, then it is woe to humanity. If the AP finding is true, then a clearer understanding of the state of affairs in the Levant becomes evident. If the AP report is credible, then there will be no end to the insecurity of the Middle East and other places facing ideological and political unrest. And if the AP report is confirmed, then more strife and conflicts will break out across the world because the trust of western protectionism and ideals would become more damaged.

There must not be any compromises to the reign of Bashar al Assad whose regime has committed crimes against humanity. Humanity must not be compromised for Russia's participation and cooperation in the Levant. To compromise humanity and to accept Assad's reign is to accept years of violence in the Middle East that could transcend deeper into western nations.