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The World in 2016 - Europe

Europe enters 2016 with an emotion of fear from the reality of terrorism on the continent, with a moral obligation from the humanitarian value to domicile hundreds of thousands of displaced people, facing a stressed, but not fractured European Union(EU). Yet, the old World remains resolutely determined to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in 2016.

Severely victimized, pressured and tested in 2015 by heinous acts of terror upon Paris, France, ongoing extremist threats to the continent, Greek austerity actualities, a threat of the United Kingdom(UK) withdrawing from the EU, and witnessing an unprecedented migrant crisis, Europe clearly enters 2016 displaying an enduring character.

The people of France and Parisians in particular - having weathered two major terror attacks last January and November that killed some 150 innocents, have come to exemplify the strength of European survival and the continent's civil continuity by not yielding to fear.

Europe will need to affirm such qualities in 2016 as similar problems posed in 2015, will resurface. But established institutions of democracy and the cooperative nature of the EU will be more than sufficient elements to ensure that Europe remains peaceful in 2016 despite a refugee crisis, the rise of right wing groups and threats from terror. 

France: A fallible violent religious ideology will not be able to withstand the resilience of the French people in 2016. A controversial right wing group will be unable to instill a hatred of that which is foreign upon the progressive French people from Paris to Toulouse to Roubaix.

Germany: German hospitality will be pressured in 2016 as more migrants seek refuge from war and strife in Syria. While terror will remain a threat to the country, a bigger threat could come from its right-wing groups that are opposed to migration.

Belgium: An ongoing extremist threat to the home of the EU will force Belgium in 2016 to examine the social and economic conditions of its migrant populations. 

United Kingdom: To stay or to leave the EU based upon concessions or the lack of concession granted by the EU to Great Britain, is a question best answered early rather than late in 2016. With an expected deepening migrant crisis facing the Union in 2016, having full unity will augur well toward weathering all possible scenarios facing the continent in 2016.

The Baltics: Full protection of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland from Russian meddling will allow these countries to continue their market reforms in peace in 2016.

The Nordics: Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark will continue a closer defense cooperation relationship in 2016.

The Balkans: Right-wing agitations and mischief could surface in the Balkans in 2016 based up a strong anti-migrant feeling in that region and upon its history of ethnic strife.

Georgia: With a well educated population, Georgia will continue to thrive in 2016 but under a constant threat of a menace from Russia.

Ireland: Ireland remains a sweet tale in 2016 for new corporations and for having the best chance to surviving EU imposed austere measures.

Spain: Separatist questions, the rise of a third party and austerity matters will gain more light in Spain in 2016.

Portugal: Austerity matters will resurface in Portugal in 2016.

Hungary: An anti-migrant government in Hungary will very much set the tone for that country in 2016. However, policy agreements with the EU could force Hungary to become more humanitarian to migrants in 2016.

Despite some security issues in 2016, Europe will generally remain peaceful in 2016 based upon its protection by NATO and the economic strength of the EU.